Hendaye plage -cliffs

Hendaye Plage - Cliffs

Hendaye Plage - Cliffs. (August 2008, Watercolour 45x29,5 cm)


7 thoughts on “Hendaye plage -cliffs

  1. Tina,

    Thank-you very much for commenting. I’m just lookingat this site on a different computer from my one at home & am finding the colours look very washed out , so I’m hoping that won’t be the case for too many peoples’ screens.

    I’ve added your blog to mine & that’s fine if you want do the same with mine.


  2. Sonya,

    Hi. I just noticed your comment – 3 weeks later. The colors look soft but not washed out, tho I don’t know if that’s how they actually look. Your acrylic paintings look much more brighter/deeper in tone, as I’m sure they’re meant to be. I’ve found that it’s hard to photograph artwork and have it totally true to life. I try to take pictures in as much natural light as I can but they still always look better in person.

    Have you had your show yet? I’ll be at a dog rescue fundraiser in about a week offering pet portraits. I’m hoping to get a commision or two from it.


  3. Tina,

    Hi there. Thanks for letting me know about how the colours appear on your screen. I guess it varies according to how the monitor is adjusted.I think it’s the watercolours that are harder to photograph. I mix all the colours optically & so they build up in many thin washes.(Most of the simple blue backgrounds have up to 8 layers). I enjoy experimenting with the effects of different overlaid colour combinations as well as the interaction between the adjacent colours. Working in acrylics & physically mixing the paint is a different challenge again . It’s true that it gives a much stronger tonality & sense of solidity than watercolour.

    I’ll try photographing my current paintings in daylight. I don’t know when though.It all takes time. You can spend a lot of time looking at other peoples’ work on internet too. Which can be very interesting, as well as sometimes inspiring or pretty daunting, depending how you’re feeling! In the end I think you just have to do what you believe in & not be put off by the sheer amount of good stuff (of course some is also not so good!)

    I’m not actually having an exhibition until towards the end of the year (Nov), so at the moment I’m happy to continue exploring ideas & painting. It’s like having an added incentive but that is still safely far off!

    I hope your dog rescue fundraiser went well & you got some work from it .

    Our cat is a rescued cat, she was really wild as a kitten but eventually has become very tame. I also remember feeding abandoned kittens with a dropper & thinking , oh no this is all I need just when we’ve moved on from the baby stage. Luckily kittens get independent relatively quickly!


  4. Sonya,

    Hi. The fundraiser went well. I gave out many cards and heard alot of positive comments on my work so I have my fingers crossed.

    With your exhibit not until November, you should have plenty to show by then. And it’s good that you don’t feel rushed to produce something right away.

    I know what you mean by the amount of artwork on the internet – and how talented some people are (or aren’t). I don’t think I’ve found my “style” yet. I’m still too new but I look at that in a good way because I’m not afraid to try something new and go beyond my comfort zone. In fact some days I feel like everything is beyond my comfort zone. Sigh…someday it’ll all fall into place. In the mean time, I’ll have to just keep experimenting.


  5. Hi. I haven’t looked at your watercolors before. Your area around Hendaye is really beautiful. I like the rosy colors in this one, and the trees on the cliff… the last thing I saw. Jane

    • You’ve gone back a long way! It feels like a while now since I was using watercolour most of the time. It’s true that the area around here has a lot to offer – & you can still keep discovering places you haven’t been.

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