Winter landscape near Etxalar (Navarra)


Winter landsape near Etxalar (Navarra)

January /February  2009  – Acrylic on board , 65 x 54 cm


3 thoughts on “Winter landscape near Etxalar (Navarra)

  1. I am really drawn into this and could look at it each day. It’s the open space the long shadows and the distant house in a place I’d like to be. It’s the background mountain and the serenity this evokes. Nice painting.

  2. Sonya, I love your artwork! In this particular case you’ve really captured winter with the long, sharp edges of the shadows– they seem to always have more solidity in the winter months, don’t they? There is the chilliness and the feel of faint warmth of the sun. Absolutely lovely, so evocative that I feel like I am actually there in the painting.

    I don’t know why, but the interplay of light and shadow is something I’ve always been drawn to since I was child. I can’t explain it.

    ~ josh

    • Thank-you again!
      Now I’m reflecting on what it is that appeals to me about long shadows & I’m not quite sure either. Obviously there are the tonal contrasts you get. Maybe we’re wired to pay attention to them because 1000s of years ago it would have been important to pay attention to dark forms at dusk for our survival?
      Even if that is true, it still doesn’t explain the appeal though.

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