Winter oak

Winter oak

January 2009 – Acrylic on canvas , 54,5 x 46 cm


2 thoughts on “Winter oak

  1. On our very first day of freedom I’m really enjoying revisiting your artwork! And, of course,I had to look for one of my favourites: the magnificent way you give shape to that tree against that wonderfully blue sky!! As I told you, that painting really tells me something.

  2. Thank-you Igone.
    This tree is based on one that’s on top of the ridge you come to if you’re going from Etxalar towards Zugarramurdi & then you take the GR11 in the Baztan direction.

    It’s good to finally have some time isn’t it? Sunday looked like a beautiful day to go to the mountains with all that fresh snow, but I had to admire it from afar as I was being sociable for a change! I’m hoping we get to go tomorrow, depending on the weather.

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