Farm in the Baztan


Farm in the Baztan

March 2009, Acrylic on Canvas 50cm x 70cm


2 thoughts on “Farm in the Baztan

  1. Hi
    Thank you for yet another comment!

    I love dry stone walls.
    There’s the human aspect that someone took the trouble to interlock all those stones in a way that works technically so the wall actually stands up. In painting it, it really forced me to look at all those interlocking forms.

    There’s also the fact that given it doesn’t have cement it provides a habitat for insects & small animals such as lizards.

    Then there’s the more geological aspect of all those different rocks, their textures & variety of colours.

    In the Basque country especially in the interior there is a pinkish red sandstone which is very characteristic of here & the soil is also reddish. It contrasts well with all that green grass!. In fact the Basque national colours are red , white & green. The houses are virtually always painted white & the shutters are typically a deep red. This is because originally the wood of the shutters was preserved with ox blood. The animals would be kept on the ground floor & the people lived above. Things aren’t usually quite like that these days though!

    The stones in the wall here are more likely limestone & are covered in mosses & lichens. You can see the more reddish stones in the other wall I painted (Farmtrack in The Baztan). In fact this track is part of the same farm.

    Behind the wall in the background you can see a traditional bracken stack. Bracken is collected to be used as bedding for the farm animals.

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