Aiako Harria with White Asphodel

Penas de Hay awith White Asphodel

April 2009, Acrylic on Canvas 50cm x 70cm


3 thoughts on “Aiako Harria with White Asphodel

  1. Hi Sonya,

    I’ve been browsing your lovely pictures and was so pleased to see this one, not just because it is a great paining, but because I’ve been wondering what these white flowers I see everywhere around here in the spring are called.

    See my photo on Flickr:
    White flowers and haystacks

    I also have a foxglove photo:
    Wild foxgloves

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Steve

    Thank-you for commenting. When I first lived here I wasn’t sure what these flowers are either. I love the white mass they make in certain places. It’s interesting how the flowering changes with altitude – closer to the coast it’s in April usually & just a little further inland & higher up it’s in May. I was very surprised to see a few still flowering in July when I was on holiday in Los Ancares last year!

    Your photos give a good idea of what it’s like round here- I recognised many familiar places. Thanks for sharing them here.

  3. Yes, my favourite spot for them is on the road up from Irun to San Marcial. Do let me know when you have another exhibition.

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