New page on art ideas

I  have just written a new page to discuss ideas (Some things I think about), but now I realise that it doesn’t get published as a post & therefore it’s just about invisible!

I’m not too experienced with this blog I think!


5 thoughts on “New page on art ideas

  1. Hello and thanks very much for your comments on my blog. Your page is visible – along the top – people do look at pages, I find.

  2. Hi Sonya

    thanks very much for your comments. I’m -glad you found what you are looking for (it has taken me a good while to find my way around the blogging world). I’m looking forward to seeing some more work from you too.

  3. The main thing is you know how to upload your truly beautiful paintings so that we can all marvel at them.

    Your stunning landscapes are uplifting, attention to detail remarkable and your talent turns me an interesting shade of frog-like green.

  4. Hi Inksplodge

    Thanks for visiting. It’s lovely to receive such an enthusiatic, exuberent comment . Very encouraging for me -Thank-you.

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