Digitalis Parviflora (Spanish Foxglove) in Somiedo


July painting recadré

July 2009 , Acrylic on Canvas – 50cm x 70cm


6 thoughts on “Digitalis Parviflora (Spanish Foxglove) in Somiedo

  1. I like this too. Your work is so confident and bold. This painting also takes me on a hike with a cup of tea at this foxglove and a wander up a ravine to a mountain peak. Yes I like this.

  2. I keep coming back to this painting and finally figured out why I am drawn to it.The foxglove is defying its’ placement in the valley and reaching, ever reaching to attain the heights of the background mountain. The vertical format, the landscape choices and the placement of all the elements make me experience this. Very memorable.

  3. That’s an interesting observation. You’ve probably noticed that I frequently use a vertical format. I find that when I’m in the mountains I am very aware of the different planes which sometimes recall the idea of a a traditional stage set. Verticality often seems to be the way I want to frame & emphasise that aspect of representation of space.

    In this painting of course, as well as the verticality of the mountain, the foxglove is vertical which was another reason for my choice.

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