La Corniche (Between Hendaye & St Jean de Luz)

2009 august painting 4

August 2009, Acrylic on Canvas – 80cm x 60cm


13 thoughts on “La Corniche (Between Hendaye & St Jean de Luz)

  1. Hi Sonya… This is my favoritepainting of what you posted this time. I love the image of the house poking through the trees and the shapes of trees that lead me into the painting and point me in the direction of the water. Very strong composition!

    • Hi Leslie
      Thank-you for the feedback. I just finished this painting yesterday. Well, I thought I’d finished the day before but I always end up seeing a few tiny adjustments! You lose a lot of the subtleties in the photo of the painting as well as the precision but I guess you still get the overall structure.

  2. Hi Sonya – I like all of these very much, but I too have this as my favourite. I like the composition and the house but most of all I love the dramatic dark shadows and the way in which you’ve given the foliage a sense of movement. A beautiful, striking summer’s work – I wish I could see them in reality!

  3. Hi Sarah
    Thank-you very much for saying that .
    This particular painting is based on a view that you can see if you turn 180 degrees from the view of La Rhune.

    It’s true that as I said before, the photos of the paintings lose a lot of detail & sharpness aside from the fact that you lose the impact of size. You mentioned you’re enjoying working on a larger scale & I can say the same.

  4. HI Sonya, I really like this piece based not only on the composition, but because of the mood that it sets for me. I feel such serenity. Many of your works could be enjoyed for hours on end, as they are so relaxing. There’s also a sense of pristin, purity, and calm.

    Also, Art21 has a good article on children’s art education that I thought you might like:

  5. Hi Sonya – It takes me a while to tune in to the more saturated colours that you achieve with the acrylics here but this painting takes me a on a lovely walk through the fields, past the house to the hill overlooking the sea. The pine trunks on the left of the painting are a beautiful detail for me. There are many Spanish Stone-Pines growing on Table Mountain in Cape Town. And I always find their silhouettes evocative. I am enjoying looking at this painting. Stephen

  6. Hi Stephen
    It’s true that the colours in the acrylics tend to be stronger. An interesting observation about tuning into certain types of colours. I think you’re right there. I think perhaps the watercolours could risk having less initial impact & perhaps that in general people are less used to seeing watercolours . Obviously that doesn’t apply to you! In fact since I’ve been working more in acrylic I ‘ve started to see my watercolours as comparitively pale! I’m hoping this isn’t going to cause too much of a problem in exhibiting them together. I’ll have to try to position them in a way to allow the watercolours their own breathing space so they are not too dominated.

  7. Sonya, your previous post led me to this question: if acrylic pigment are stronger than watercolor, then are oils stronger than acrylic?

    Spectrum of Color

    oil >> acrylic >> watercolor?

    • Hi
      In the end it depends on the medium that the pigment is within. Pigments themselves vary in strength, opacity/transparency etc. I’m not a scientist in this matter I’m afraid but if you’re talking about what comes out of the tube than yes , you’re right that oils are stronger.

      On the other hand it also depends on how you use them; for example watercolour that is at full strength could look stronger than say an acrylic colour that’s toned down with lots of white . In general though, people tend not to use watercolour thickly because the resulting opacity means you lose that sparkly quality you get from building up layer over layer of thin washes.

  8. Hi Sonya,
    I love your beautiful rolling hills going out to the sea. And all the different colors in the foliage making the greenery dance!

    I wonder who lives in that house peeking out of the bushes? YOU?

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