Recent Paintings

The painting with the foxglove is a result of my trip along the Cordillera Cantabrica, as is the one with the martagon lily. Although this  foxglove’s common name in English is Spanish foxglove  it doesn’t mean that you don’t also get Digitalis purpurea (which is the typical foxglove you see in the UK) as well.

The variety of beautiful landscape in Spain as well as that of where I live, continues to amaze & inspire me. There are still large areas which are very unspoilt. On the other hand, like everywhere in the world, there is constant construction, building of motorways & so on.

Somiedo is classed as a natural park which means it is protected to a certain extent. Many of the places I choose to paint are not in this category though & I think it’s important to value these places as well. The contribution, for example, that these trees make to the planet is no less for not being within a park!

The majority of us lead an urban lifestyle & some people  probably think or feel that “nature” has no place in their life, but without the right balance in nature none of us would be here. Of course I’m not exactly saying something new here!


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