Falling Tide

Falling tide

October 2009, Acrylic on canvas – 50 x 70cm


9 thoughts on “Falling Tide

  1. Wow! I am really into these, Sonya. I absolutely associate with these colors. I really am drawn, first to this one because of the contrast of that glowing water with the texture and striping in the rock formation. Absolutely a thing of beauty.

  2. I agree I love the reflections on the wet sand. You just wanna jump into the painting. Thanks for this Sonya. 🙂

  3. Thank- you both very much for your enthusiastic responses.
    It may sound strange, but when I was painting the rock formation at times it reminded me of when I was painting my May beach tree. This was because of the absorbtion with the swirly, interlocking forms in which I got involved.

  4. This is my favourite of all your paintings – and believe me it was difficult to choose! I can’t even begin to discuss the technical side or even say why I like it so much – it’s as Leslie says, it inexplicably draws me to it. Lovely it is.

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