September & October paintings

Finally I am posting something new!  It’s taken me 2 months working on & off, whenever I can, on these 4 recent paintings.

I have also taken some photos of a few watercolours (from 2008) that I hadn’t got round to photographing, but I’ve posted them way back several pages. This is because I prefer to keep  my work going back chronologically. So, if you can be bothered, or have the time or  interest, probably the best way to see them is to scroll down & click back through the previous entries.


6 thoughts on “September & October paintings

  1. Well how funny – on Wednesday you and your beautiful work came into my mind and on Thursday you posted new paintings. I particularly love Rising tide and Low Tide. It’s the high contrast which really draws me in. I like the sense of drama it creates.

  2. We must be on the same wave length! Sorry about the pun – I couldn’t resist it.

    Anyway, thank-you very much for saying that.

    It’s quite an interesting idea really to be in the mind of someone you’ve never actually met. It makes me think about how we must all create personas almost inevitably- a sort of innate proccess I suppose. Perhaps it’s no more than an extention of what we already do when we relate to someone else -we invent them in the sense that you can’t do anything else unless you literally ARE that other person.

  3. Hi Sonya,
    I really like these latest works – every time I check your blog I smile. Hard to say which one I like best, perhaps “Low Tide”. I’m wondering if you have any experience with screenprinting? These images would translate well to serigraphy. It’s a lot of work, but with screenprinting, these images would make great posters, prints, cards etc….

    Many thanks to you for your kind comments on my blog. Looking forward to see what you come up with next. Cheers, J.

    • Hi Jeff,
      That was a nice thing to say, you made me smile too!

      I’ve not done screen printing since I was at art school but I did enjoy it at the time. Apart from the smell of those inks that is. I seem to remember that the tutor (being a printmaker) told us he had to drink lots of milk to line his stomach because of the fumes or something.

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