The end of the beach

The end of the beach

September 2009, Acrylic on Canvas – 50 x 70cm


9 thoughts on “The end of the beach

  1. I was so taken by the cloud. In some ways it has the weight of the rock and they both play off each other. I love the little figure that gives the viewer a gigantic sense of space.

  2. Thank- you to both of you. It was unusual to see this type of cloud rolling along at this point. Normally they form more over the mountains.

    I put the little girl with a white dress in partly to form a pictorial link with the cloud & the wave breaking at the foot of the cliff. The idea is that as humans we are an integral part of the world which is something we tend to easily forget. This leads to us seeing ourselves as seperated, which if we’re not careful, can lead us to an attitude of dominance & disrespect of our environment. Here the girl is meant to be a part of the world, as is the sea, the sky, the cloud , the cliff & so on.

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