Autumn Beech Trees, Baztan, Navarra

November 2009, Acrylic on canvas – 50cm x 70 cm


13 thoughts on “Autumn Beech Trees, Baztan, Navarra

  1. This landscape caught my eye, Sonya. That gray-green at the bottom for your darks is great…..what did you use?Do you remember? I know our paints are different, but I like it. This landscape reminds me a little of some of the desert I passed through in Mexico a couple of years back. Dry and barren but not without beauty.

    • Thank-you Leslie. For that grey-green I used a mixture of the burnt sienna, raw sienna, cadmium yellow & white which I was using for the bracken along with the mix of cadmium yellow & payne’s grey I was using for the darkest areas. When I mix colours I usually put a dab of the result in a notebook as a reference.

      Thinking about it I’d say it’s a pretty similar colour to terre verte in (Windsor & Newton ) artists watercolours.

      I can see how the colours might remind you of a desert. Luckily the Basque Country is not a desert & let’s hope it stays that way! I’m sure the desert in Mexico must be wonderful though – I love Georgia O’Keefe’s response to New Mexico desert anyhow (must be similar?)
      The orangey colours in this painting are actually from all the bracken. Of course in summer it’s all bright green.

    • Hi Carol -thank-you.

      As for the blue – I tend mostly to go for walks in the mountains on sunny days so that doesn’t mean it’s never cloudy here! I do like the atmosphere from cloud too, so maybe that’ll be my next challenge?

    • Sarah thank-you.

      I find beech trees very beautiful in all their stages throughout the year. The autumn colours don’t last long in the mountains though. I went back to this place just this last week-end & the clump of trees on the hill had lost all it leaves just within 3 weeks. 2 weeks previous to that they were only just turning from green (as you can see in the previous painting with the same clump from a different direction with a totally different emphasis).

      I’m very drawn to this clump of trees which I first painted in the late winter.

  2. I’m not sure how to say this but this piece has much movement but it’s so quiet at the same time. I guess it’s the shapes in the trees that make it move against the flat quiet color of the sky and fields. It’s beautiful.

  3. Wonderful late afternoon sunlight– of course, it is autumn, but the sunlight and shadows) help accentuate the *feeling* of autumn.


  4. Your art work is very interesting, i think they are unique. I like the colors and the fern leaves. Those ferns reminds me of the vegetation along the roads at my dear home town Kuching.

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