Early Autumn Beeches, Baztan, Navarra

October  – November 2009 ,  Acrylic on canvas – 50cm x 70 cm


10 thoughts on “Early Autumn Beeches, Baztan, Navarra

    • That’s very kind of you.

      The Basque Country itself is amazing & I’m privileged to be in a place where I can find so much to inspire me.
      On the other hand lots of places are inspiring when you take the trouble to look.

    • Sarah
      Thanks again -I really appreciate your comments.

      It’s interesting that you said that because I do feel that these trees have a presence & sense of mystery.
      The very first time I saw them they caught my attention – love at first sight!

  1. Thank-you for saying that you like my style.

    I’d just like to say though, that for me, illustration goes with text. So the way I see it is that there is an infinite number of possible styles regardless of whether or not there is text. In other words, illustration isn’t a style in itself.
    On the other hand, I guess there are certain styles which lend themselves to reproduction more than others.

  2. Hi Leslie
    The next painting I’m wanting to do is one of how it feels to look out from beneath these trees. Whether I will actually do it is another matter, because for each painting I do, there’s a huge number that don’t get the chance to get any further than in my head. Normally I start a new painting as soon as I finish one, but with all the organisation of the exhibition, as well as the end of term etc., I’ve had a lack of time.

    • Just thought you might like to know why I kept coming back to that one. It had to buy my attention over time and I think that is a sign of great artwork, when something keeps pulling you back.

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