Prolongation de l’exposition jusqu’au 31 déc

Je remercie vivement la directrice de la médiathèque ( Mme Amestoy) pour avoir pu rallonger la durée de mon exposition. Elle sera maintenant en place jusqu’au 31 déc.

Par contre, ceux qui veulent acheter un tableau pour offrir pour noël pourront  bien sûr l’enlever de suite. Pour toute question, n’hésitez pas à me contacter:

Queria agradecer a la directora de la mediateca (la señora Amestoy) por haber podido prolongar mi exposicion hasta el 31 de diciembre.

Por supuesto, los que quieran comprar un cuadro para ofrecer a navidad pueden recogerlo cuanto antes. Para qualquiera pregunta mandame un mensaje :

Many thanks to the director of the médiathèque/library for allowing me to prolong my exhibition until 31st December.


7 thoughts on “Prolongation de l’exposition jusqu’au 31 déc

  1. Hi leslie

    It’s true I don’t post much on this blog compared to many of you. Mostly it’s a question of time- there never seems to be enough of it to do everything I want to do, aside from everything I have to do. I’m not alone there though! Life is a constant rebalancing to try to find an equilibrium . As soon as you’ve found it, it changes again so you have to readjust. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing though.

    There now -this very minute one of my sons has arrived back from school , looked over my shoulder & said “very wise , what is it , are you trying to improvise yourself as a philosopher? ”
    And now the other one’s come in saying ” I need to use the computer , i need to print something”. So that’s where I’m ending for now!

  2. I know these things. I am at a point where I no longer have kids at home and things are slowing down so I’ve thrown myself into painting and all those things I would have liked to explore when I did not have time. I just thought I’d drop by and let you know I look in on you. I enjoy gazing at your paintings. 🙂

  3. Thank -you I hope so too! Still, I’m lucky that I work three quarters time rather than total full time, so usually I also have 2 afternoons for painting in the week. The difficulty there is when there are meetings or other obligations. (like all this week & next in fact!) That’s life I guess.

    The exhibition went well & I even sold some things despite the fact that most people go to the library obviously to borrow books rather than in a mindset of buying art! The main thing was I had to start somewhere & it’s given me opportunities to exhibit in other places.
    It’s not that easy round here finding places, but I have a couple of things lined up for the summer which is good.

    Hendaye itself has only 1 art gallery which opened last year but aside from taking a commission if they actually sell something (which is perfectly normal – they’ve got to make a living too) they charge what seems to me a large amount which is based on metres squared of wall space just for exhibiting there.
    I’d be interested to know if other people have experienced this sort of approach or what you think of it?

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