Between rainstorms

January 2010 – Acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 70cm


12 thoughts on “Between rainstorms

  1. Wow – what an awesome sky! You have a real way with clouds and weather. I quite like all the works you’ve posted this time around – nice to see some archtecture too, that chateau looks like a lot of fun. You must lead a charmed life, Sonya. – excellent paintings! J.

  2. Thank-you Sarah & Jeff. We’ve had a lot of this type of weather recently!

    Maybe I should say, before you get too carried away imagining my days spent genteely painting in the grounds of my château(!!), that I live in a perfectly ordinary sort of an appartment & spend a large part of my week teaching art to 200 primary school aged kids.
    As the class sizes are large, kids are kids, paint is paint & noise is noise, it can end up being quite hectic & stressful at times.
    Painting & being able to go to the sort of places that inspire me is what I do whenever I can in my week-ends & in any other moments as one of the ways of trying to find a balance in my life.
    I used to think I couldn’t paint unless I was in the right mood & that I was too exhausted after teaching. Now I make myself do it even if initially I think I’m too tired & I find it helps me.

  3. This is so beautiful – I love the sky and the reflections on the beach – very special.
    Ah! – so you force yourself to paint even when you are worn out from teaching. That is interesting. I have tried before but have given up. Maybe I should try to find a place to sit outside to paint. Kids are hectic – you deserve high praise indeed for the work you do – I hope you don’t have 200 in one time.
    Well thank you for making time to paint these beautiful paintings and sharing them here.

  4. Thanks again Stephen.
    Yes, as anyone who works with kids knows, they are pretty demanding . Each individual wants attention now. The class sizes are around 28 & it’s impossible to give everyone the attention they deserve. Mostly they are pretty interested but it only takes one or two & you’re not teaching art as much as dealing with socialisation, sorting out conflicts etc!
    So painting for me is a way to recover & get back some more energy to deal with the next day!

  5. Hey Sonya – I thought of you as I was working my way through the evening traffic just now. Our weather is changing and there were dramatic clouds to the East, over the Boland mountains – all different hues light cream, some light blue and some dark purple – I was thinking of how I would capture this in watercolour and your graphic cloud patterns came to mind – so there you are –

  6. Nice to be thought of ….& that sounds beautiful – I’ll look forward to seeing that over on your blog. (If you end up getting the opportunity to paint it that is.)

    It’s funny isn’t it how we start seeing real life in terms of paintings? Just this morning, as I was on the walking part of my journey to work, there was a house wonderfully lit up by the low sunlight with a dramatic purple grey sky behind it & I couldn’t help thinking “Edward Hopper”(even though the architecture had nothing in common!)

  7. Well thank-you!
    I love looking at the sky & how it constantly changes.

    I like the idea that clouds are a constant. You can still relate to them in paintings from 100s of years ago for example, because they are timeless. Yet each occasion that we experience them is a unique one – I suppose you could say the same about lots of things really;people for instance!

  8. This is just magical. I’ve never really seen anyone construct clouds in such a convincing yet deliberate way. I think of some of the “magic realist” painters when I see your work, and I mean that in the best possible way.

    You are unique.

    • Thanks – I don’t usually like labels too much- like lots of us, but I can relate to that one certainly more than I can to “surreal” for example. In the end though, how we get defined depends on who’s doing the defining!

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