Look out of the window

February 2010 – Acrylic on canvas 50cm x 70cm

This painting is dedicated to everyone who believes that what we do outside of a workplace is a valuable  & necessary contribution to what happens inside the workplace.


4 thoughts on “Look out of the window

  1. Yep I believe that – thank you for the dedication – how unpleasant the world would be without artists. Your sky here is beautiful and those distant peaks are calling.

  2. Thanks for the support Stephen -I really appreciate that.

    You may have noticed that I’ve painted the distant mountains before ( but from the other side ie from France). The tiny peak to the left is La Rhune & the bumpy one on the right is Peñas de Haya. This is how it looks sometimes just after sun rise from inside a certain place in a suburb of Donostia (San Sebastian).

  3. thanks for the detail – I could not think of the name when I commented but your sky reminds me of Hokusai skies – I downloaded the picture and enlarged it to see the detail of the horizon at sunrise – mmm – evocative – here you sit in Donostia – in a certain place – and there the Peñas de Haya calls – pinky orange in the morning light – ai – beautiful.

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