Looking through the beech trees

December 2009 – Acrylic on canvas,  50cm x 70cm


12 thoughts on “Looking through the beech trees

  1. For me this has a slightly fairy tale feel to it- as if I am looking down into a secret world waiting for a story to unfold. the composition is excellent and makes for a really compelling painting.

  2. These trees belong to the same group of beech trees in the Baztan that I have painted previously. Here I wanted to show how it feels to be actually under them looking down into what is quite a secret little valley.

  3. The moodiness in this painting is what strikes me first about this painting. It could be any midwestern day in the country while walking in the woods. There is a humid overcast feel to it. For me, it brings back my walks in the woods when I lived in Michigan. Love it for it’s mood and feeling of being there.

  4. Sonya,
    I’ve looked through several of your paintings here. They are really beautiful – beautiful imagery, beautiful craftsmanship. Congratulations.
    They seem so simple at first glance – great composition, a placid and meditative feel – and then upon closer look, there is such refinement and particularity, such as in the bark of trees, the multicoloured sky, and the various trees in the mid-ground.
    p.s. I spent 7 years – four of them at art school in France (Reims). I grew to love the country with a passion. How wonderful for you to have a chance to be there. How long a sejour will you have?


  5. Thank-you very much K- you make me feel very appreciated .

    I wonder how art school in Reims was? I love France too though I don’t know the area around Reims – I passed through it extremely briefly a long time ago.

    As for my séjour, well I have lived in this area for 20 years & in France, in Hendaye for the last 17 years.

  6. Sonya,
    The art school in Reims, when I attended, was a fairly classical education in the arts and architecture, which was what I wanted.
    I had been an art teacher before I went and they didn’t know quite what to do with me, so I had access to all the classes and they left me in a corner to do as I wished. I barely understood French, but they were used to foreign students and didn’t mind that studious Canadian working in the corner all by herself beavering away at some strange, more modern conceptual work.
    I gained so much just by being able to have the time to work out what I had learned at university here in Vancouver.
    I kept in touch with one of the professors in Reims, afterward, and he says the year after I left, they started to turn totally conceptual and none of the classic education made the cut. They diminished the time committed to drawing and painting, to realism, etc. and started to do performance based and installation based work. He suffered through the remaining years until he could retire.
    So I can’t tell you what it is like now. But the four years I studied there were marvelous for me and were the turning point in my career as an artist.

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