Le vent se lève sur le Château d’Abbadia

March 2010 – Acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 70cm

This is the 3rd painting I’ve done for the exhibition on Antoine d’Abbadie;

 Ceci est mon troisième tableau pour l’expo “Regards Artistiques sur les univers d’Antoine d’Abbadie”. Du jeudi 1er avril au 23 avril au marché des Halles d’Hendaye.


17 thoughts on “Le vent se lève sur le Château d’Abbadia

  1. I like this very much Sonya – it has that slightly mysterious look to it again. It almost looks like a scene from your imagination – it’s the combination of the castle like chateau with the cool blues. Lovely!

  2. Hi Sonya,
    This is great. I like the cool uniformity of colour you add to your pieces, shown here in the castle walls among other spots. Feels like I’m strolling up for a tour of the estate….
    Whose castle is this?

  3. Thank-you to both of you. I think the castle does have a rather fairy tale look about it in fact. Viollet-le- duc must have had fun letting loose his fantastical side. He seems to have enjoyed recombining a variety of styles within the one building.

    It has belonged to the Académie de Sciences ever since Antoine d’Abbadia left it to them. He was very interested in astronomy. He had a special observatory built where the roof & one of the side walls can be opened in order to move the telescope along a line of latitude.
    You can see this part of the building in the painting I did with the sheep in the foreground. It’s the rectangular part that almost looks like it’s standing on a podium.

    • Hi Sonya. I should have mentioned something about how you captured the light. I noticed it but was so taken with the effect of the starkness in tree and building. I admire your work and your vision.

      • You didn’t have to mention anything Leslie! But thanks – I’m glad you like the starkness because with a subject as romantic as this, one of the the challenges for me was to avoid sentimentality. At least I hope I have!

  4. I don’t know what it is about your paintings, but I just love them. They are quite different then many of the other images out in blog-land.

    The building is great in it’s detail. I live the wispy clouds going across the sky horizontally and then shadows of the tree branches pointing towards the building.

  5. That’s really kind of you Carol.
    With the building I was paying attention to certain details I picked out as being essential, but on the other hand I was wanting to retain a certain clarity of form & not end up over-working it.

  6. Thank-you Francis.
    And you really don’t need to apologise about not looking at my blog! No-one can do everything. I’m the first to admit I don’t check everyone’s blogs as regularly as I might like.

  7. I love the graphic quality of your paintings. They almost look like Japanese woodblock prints (sorry if you’ve heard that many times before). I too was trained as a graphic designer. Nice color and composition as well.

  8. Thanks for visiting. I don’t mind the Japanese comparison in the slightest!
    It’s funny that in fact when I was at art school my work was actually far less linear than it is now. Although I did graphics, we were very much left to explore whatever we wanted & I was probably just as much influenced by fine art at the time. I have a feeling that the illustration tutors had originally done fine art as well.
    I’ve learnt a lot more outside of that time – but that’s how it should be too I guess.

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