Enter the Spring!

March 2009 – Acrylic on canvas, 40cm x 60cm

This painting started out as something I was going to do very rapidly in one session before I had to go out! I did actually get the essentials established pretty quickly, but then I decided I would push it further after all. 

Part of the interest for me has been to explore how far you can take something before it ends up seeming sentimental. 

Inevitably some people would think just looking at a flower is sentimental! I don’t take that view though; I think it’s the approach that counts, although I would say  that certain subjects run a higher risk than others of falling into clichés. And this is probably one of them!

Something done either rapidly or very simply, seems to me to be easier to keep fresh. That’s why I thought I’d approach it very spontaneously. But after doing the initial work, I began to feel that maybe I was just playing safe &  should take the risk!

I should just add, before anyone thinks I was picking wild primroses, that they come from my garden! In fact I got the plants from what used to be a garden & is now covered by  4 storeys  of concrete.


9 thoughts on “Enter the Spring!

  1. It doesn’t look sentimental to me, but I know what you mean – I dislike the picturesque intensely but occasionally find sketches slipping inexorably towards it…I think the crispness of your style prevents sentimentality. I like those cool greys against the window frame too.

    • Thank -you Sarah. I hope other people have a similar conviction! – I only just found your messages – for some strange reason they were in the spam! Lucky I checked before deleting.

  2. I love how you captured the inside vase and flowers and the outside branches and buds. They all seem to have a similar tonal value which to me, consolidates the whole painting. I don’t feel that this is sentimental.

    Funny, this must have been a bad winter since everyone is doing springtime paintings. I just did one of flowers and tried to keep it fresh and simple too.

  3. Phew! Well I hoped it wasn’t & for me it isn’t (sentimental). But you never know – everyone has different threshholds on this . And we’re all different – thank goodness!

    Yes, I think we have all been experiencing a longer than usual winter. I think it must finally be spring here though- yesterday we went to the mountains & heard the first cuckoos. And in fact the buds on this cherry tree I see from the kitchen are suddenly opening & there are little white blossoms appearing .

    I always want to paint what is the current time of the year though. It feels a bit urgent in spring as it all changes so rapidly & I never get to paint all the possible paintings I want to do because then time moves on & the moment moves too far away so I have to paint the next moment instead!

  4. I like the transparent vase with the stem showing throught and the spring scene from the window is just gorgeous. Must have taken some time to finish up the outside scenery. Happy Easter by the way.

  5. I like this one quite a bit, Sonya – different from a lot of what I’ve seen on your blog. I like the tension here, if I can use that term – it’s not a particularly “tense” image, but I like the contrast between the cut flowers, vases and window frame (order) against the tangle outside (chaos).

    Bravo for a well-composed non-sentimental painting!

  6. Sonya,
    The way you paint is so specific and so “you” that your work will never be sentimental. You have a characteristic way of working that is so interesting because of the attention that you give to detail. The build-up of patterns, the juxtaposition of various elements – it all works up into a web of visual interest. This is a charming painting.

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