A hillside of wild daffodils

April 2010 – Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70cm

This is my 2nd painting of the daffodils. If the beech tree of the previous painting could see, this is what it would look out at!


15 thoughts on “A hillside of wild daffodils

    • Thank-you Carol. You have just made me learn something new. I have always regarded “ferns” & “bracken” as something different, whereas, according to my book, bracken is actually simply a type of fern.

      It says it is the “commonest of all ferns, found all over the world”.

      In the Basque Country it is often gathered into bracken stacks to provide bedding for livestock.

    • Thanks Leslie – in fact the mountains usually are pretty peaceful. I love it when you get away from the constant hum of traffic & all you can hear is the wind in the trees, or on a still day if you are lucky, the sound of vultures’ wings as they glide above you.

  1. I really like your style especially how you capture the scene from an angle and move the eye towards the distance and the open space is just amazing. Nice job.

    • Thank-you Francis & Ji.

      I’m not quite sure how this award thing works & although I’m sure it’s very kind of you, I don’t think it’s something I really have time to get into. I guess we must all have slightly different expectations of blogs & also different priorities in general. Please don’t be offended.

      Ironically, I left a comment just the other day on Curiouscrow’s blog regarding awards. I think I take quite a similar view, so if you want, you can always read what she wrote & that saves me the task of explaining any more here. How cheeky!

  2. Oh my. I love this one also. I hardly know what to say except well done. The depth (elevation) is so skillfully done.

  3. love this your style is so unique and I really like the way you have captured the daffodil flow you are an incredible artist!!!!

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