La Rhune in April

April 2010, Acrylic on canvas – 80cm x 60cm


8 thoughts on “La Rhune in April

    • Why do your comments keep ending up in the spam – they never used to!

      Yes, springlike – though it suddenly went to over 30°C last Wed & now it’s 10°C raining & windy. Hope this isn’t the only spring we get!

  1. Everyone has already said it, but there is one thing I’d like to comment on. You are a master with your greens. I think that is one of the most difficult paint colors to work with. I’ve noticed that along the way as I have viewed your paintings. Beautiful greens!

  2. Thank-you Leslie, my mum always told me to eat my greens!

    But seriously, if you live in the Basque Country you just can’t avoid green given the rainfall we have.

    I guess I’ve never thought it to be particularly more difficult than other colours, so likewise I’ve never considered myself as particularly good with it or not.
    I know some people that just hate green, so they presumably wouldn’t like this painting too much.

    The red/green color blindness aspect is interesting as well. It’s curious thinking how people construct colour in different ways due to a miniscule genetic variation & yet most of the time we are assuming everyone sees as we do. Apparantly there are even 2 versions of red green colour blindness.

    Anyway, never mind which it is , I try to make sure to tell my husband that the traffic light is red- just in case! Well, OK I’m not that bad, it’s just ocasionally!

    But in the end, as he seems to like trees as much as I do, I think there isn’t one “correct” way to interprete a colour & I guess they must look just as beautiful whatever genes for certain pigments you happen to have or not or on your x chromosone!

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