El palacio de Aizkolegi

May 2010- Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm

This building is situated on top of a small peak & surrounded by a vast area of beech forest. I can’t seem to find much information on it other than that it was built at the start of the 20th Century for Pedro Ciga.

There’s something I find  appealing & a bit romantic about ruined buildings- for some reason they seem to open up the imagination & you can enter into some sort of a time capsule. It’s quite an incongruous setting for any building & I rather like the way that nature is claiming it back.

On the other hand, it must once have been a very elegant building & it seems a pity for it to be allowed to just fall apart. I wonder if it will ever get renovated. My idea for it is that it’d make a good  artists’ residence  & a place for  scientists to study the surrounding ecology.

At least that’s when I’ve  stopped  imagining sitting  out on the terrace with a nice glass of wine, good company & watching the sun go down on a warm, balmy evening  just as the bats are starting to come out & you can hear  the first owls… Of course, we wouldn’t be going to work tomorrow or the next day & how we  do the shopping doesn’t come into it  either.


13 thoughts on “El palacio de Aizkolegi

  1. Love the shadows on the pink stone work. And of course your signature tree just past the wraparound porch.

    I like the way you’ve indicated the rotting in the wood on the roof of the covered porch. The building does like like it has a story to tell. Thank goodness you were there to start to tell it’s story. Or at least capture it for posterity.

  2. You’re very kind with all your comments Carol. As for those shadows -it took several layers till I was a bit more satisfied with the colours – I know Leslie said about green being a difficult colour but I think if anything is, it’s pink ! Or maybe it’s just I’ve used it less than green.

  3. O’kay. I have a new Sonya Chasey favorite. I want to know who is around the corner in this painting. I really like how the shapes in the tree and the peeling paint mimic each other. To me, this is just plain unique. Love it, Sonya!

  4. This is interesting – love the colours and the way you’ve rendered the peeling paint. Also the pinks and lavenders against the warmer greens. you’re not alone with your fascination for abandoned buildings – I love them and there is an international community dedicated to getting inside abandoned buildings – just to look and document them.

  5. Thank goodness! I lost your blog and just found it again, the good news is I have a lot to look at now. You are an amazing talent, love the style, colors and compositions. This has to be one of my favorites, the way all the detail pull you into the framed tree in the middle.

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