Borda with foxglove

June 2010 – Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm /19.68 x 27.56 inches

I wanted to paint a foxglove last year but somehow I missed them -so one  year later here it is! 

Foxgloves (digitalis purpurea) are very typical in the mountains here in early summer. I think they must be a slightly different variety to those I remember as a child in England. The ones you can see here often grow in quite sunny places & they seem to have a more silvery/blue-green coloured leaf , which I guess makes sense if they are adapted to less shady places. I think they are also much less spotted.

A borda is a Basque barn. I like how they are built of stone & not covered up with plaster & paint.


7 thoughts on “Borda with foxglove

  1. I really like what you do with flatness. I count three flat fields in this painting with no loss of depth – bravo! I can never seem to pull off this effect. An excellent composition!

  2. Thank-you – I’m really pleased you like the flat aspect , because partly what I am trying to do is use it as a contrast with the detailed features that I want to draw attention to. And of course … to avoid sentimentality ;a risk with these elements- but then that’s part of the challenge!
    I admire your work a lot – you have a very unique style I think and I hope it’s well appreciated, it certainly should be.
    I should add that for anyone that wants to check it out, you need to click on “Monkeybrushstudios” on my blogroll.

  3. Thank you Polarispainting for putting into words what I couldn’t.

    Sonya, I think that’s what I love about your paintings so much is the flatness of fields combined with details.

    I really like the composition of this…and thanks for telling us what a borda is.

  4. Thank-you Carol. In the Basque landscape I see strong pure masses which are beautiful in their simplicity of line & at certain points they are softened or intersected by other elements which I like to portray with more detail.
    I suppose every place gets a slightly different response in the end.

  5. I like seeing the world through your eyes, Sonya. I find your landscapes peaceful and a place I would not mind stepping into. Wonder what we would look like in them.

  6. I really like your composition, they never fail. It’s like entering a world full of mystical and flawless beauty.

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