Summer exhibitions / Expositions d’été


 July 1st to  August  31st / Du 1 Juillet au 31  Août – La Bastide Clairence – Galerie Arkua

I am  pleased to be participating  in the summer exhibition at La Bastide Clairence  from July 1st to August 31st. La Bastide Clairence is a very pretty Basque village situated in the countryside about 20km inland from Bayonne/Biarritz. There are 7 artists in total who are exhibiting.

Je suis très heureuse de participer à l’exposition d’été à la Bastide Clairence du 1 juillet au 31 août. Pour ceux qui ne le connaissent pas, La Bastide Clairence est un très joli village (l’un des “plus beaux villages de France”). Il se trouve a l’intérieur du Pays Basque à environ 20 km de Bayonne /Biarritz. Un total de 7 artistes y participe.

August 10th to 20th / Du 10 au 20 août – Urrugne – Salle Posta

Between the 10th & 20th August I’ll be having a solo exhibition in Urrugne, another pretty Basque village situated not far inland from Hendaye & St Jean de Luz.

Du 10 au 20 août j’aurai une exposition à Urrugne,  un autre joli village peu loin d’Hendaye et de St. Jean de Luz.

June 19 to July 31st / Du 19 juin au 31 juillet – Hendaye, Cabinet dentaire, rue Pello

Thank-you very much to Marie Laure for inviting me to exhibit some of my work in the dentist’s. I hope it helps take people’s minds off possible toothaches! Aside from that, it’s a good space & a very nice idea to offer artists another possibility of somewhere to exhibit their work.

 Je remercie Marie Laure du cabinet dentaire pour m’avoir invité a y exposer quelques oeuvres. J’espère que cela fera oublier aux gens leurs éventuels maux de dents!  Le cabinet dentaire est un bon espace et c’est donner un bon coup de main aux artistes que de leur offrir un espace supplémentaire d’exposition.

And finally…here is my latest painting / Voici ma dernière oeuvre:

 Across the estuary

June 2010,  Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm

This is based on the view across the Txingudi estuary towards the centre of Hendaye with  the Peñas de Haya mountain behind. The river Bidasoa flows into the estuary & marks the national boundary between France & Spain.

Cette peinture est basée sur la vue de la baie de Txingudi quand on regarde vers le centre d’Hendaye et  les Trois Couronnes. La Bidassoa rejoint l’estuaire, délimitant ainsi la frontière entre la France et l’Espagne.


8 thoughts on “Summer exhibitions / Expositions d’été

  1. Congratulations on your exhibitions – sounds like things are really taking off for you!

    I like the diagonals in this painting very much, and the sense of looking out into the light. Impressive clouds too.

  2. Nice to hear from you Sarah -hope you had a good holiday. I am hoping to be taking one soonish myself too, so at the moment I’m having to tell myself NOT to start another painting, because there’s no way, what with everything else, that I ‘d be able to finish it & I wouldn’t want to leave it in the middle!

  3. I really like the contrast between the sky and water in this, Sonya. The idea of peering out from a shaded area to the light is very dramatic and places me there. I love that feeling. Congratulations on your shows this summer! Your work is phenomenal.

  4. Hi Sonya, First, Congratulations on your exhibit. Wish I could come and see it.

    I, too, like the diagonals very much and the way the leaves up top echo the mountains and then the side of the road at the very bottom. Love the way the blue part of the sky mimics the water and the clouds are perfect.

  5. Good luck on your exhibition, your art is really beautiful and unique. Wish you best of luck and lots of customers.

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