Under the flowering chestnut tree

August 2010 – Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70cm

First of all to those of you who also have blogs, sorry if I haven’t visited much recently -I’ll try to do so soon!

This painting follows a stay in a beautiful area which we visited last year & needed more exploring. I loved all the flowering chestnuts – really exuberant like exploding fireworks. They are alive with bees & the local honey tastes of the flowers. I’ll put a few of the drawings I made on my drawings blog: www.sonyasdrawings.wordpress.com . I’ve not done much with this blog yet so hope it’s not too disappointing!

Sous le chataignier en fleur

Ce tableau est le résultat d’un séjour dans  une très belle  région du nord de l’Espagne tout près de la Galice. J’ai adoré les chataigniers en fleurs, exubérants comme un feu d’artifice.

Debajo del castaño en flor

Este cuadro es el resultado de una estancia en la region de Leon muy cerca de Galicia. Me encantaban los castaños en flor, muy exuberantes como los fuegos artificiales.


10 thoughts on “Under the flowering chestnut tree

  1. I love this one. there’s something happy, even exuberant about it, perhaps it’s the blossom on the tree, or the ense of movement, or both, but it really works for me.

    • Thanks Sarah.
      I was thinking when I was painting this, that one of the things I like about painting is this sense of making something come alive & as the painting is developing I start to almost feel transported back to the place & the emotion I felt for it at the time. I’m glad you say it seems happy, because I certainly feel that these trees are very life enhancing.

  2. I really like the colors in this painting. The tree actually looks like it is folding in and out. I, oftentimes, have difficulty getting the darks in the foliage to read like anything. As hot as it has been here, this summer, I wouldn’t mind crawling under this tree and enjoying the coolness of its shade.

  3. Hello Sonya!

    I’m so glad you commented on my blog so that I could visit yours. Your artwork is amazing. I’d like to decorate my house with it. I really like the style in your work. So cool!

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