Gone swimming

September 2010 – Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm


12 thoughts on “Gone swimming

  1. Lovely composition. Plus it tells a story, or asks a question? There’s a lovely graphic feel to many of your paintings. I too studied as graphic designer and spent many years as a visualizer using magic markers. I think we have a lot in common in the way we both look at our subjects. However, you’re far more accomplished and it’s great to have you as a source of inspiration.

  2. Thank-you very much. You don’t need to put yourself down though! Actually you’ve cheered me up with all these positive comments because today I’m not feeling very accomplished at all. I’ve spent all day trying to resolve my latest painting & it’s been making me feel quite useless! I guess we all have these moments & it’s part of the challenge etc. Perhaps it’s also because today has been a holiday in Spain & I set myself the goal of finishing it & it’s taken far more time & effort than I had expected. Perhaps I’ll post it tomorrow anyway!
    I remember using magic markers as a kid – my dad used to bring them home to work with sometimes. I think it was the smell I liked ! Not very good for you though!

  3. Nothing to feel down about your work. Feeling down as a painter is just one of the occupational hazards and there are many! I love the way you paint, You think before you paint, I can see it. You ‘think’, not ‘see’ things differently that’s what makes you so very special. Please keep posting.

  4. That’s so kind of you. I have come to the computer having now finally finished it (meaning latest painting) & find your comment which is really very nice.

    You’re right about the hazards – one of the recent ones these past days has been a madman with a chain-saw whose idea of gardening is to cut until there is virtually nothing left to cut.

    I thought I’d finished the painting yesterday (as well as the day before) but apparently not! The trouble is, now my camera seems to have gone wrong & nothing’s happening when I try to download! So I shall have to hope that one of my sons (whose name must not be mentioned!) will help me out with his camera when he gets back from school.

  5. I love it Sonya, it’s your use of blue that speaks volumns. You are so incredibly talented that your work never ceases to amaze me! I love everything about that painting. It has the mark of a true and accomplished artist. Give up the day job!!!!

  6. It has been so long and you have been nice and busy.
    Your paintings are so poetic.
    They are peaceful and some have an undercurrent of high energy (for me anyway).
    This is peaceful – and a bit lonely.
    It is always such a treat to visit here.
    Thank you for all of this work that you offer.

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