Low tide 2

September 2010 – Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm

I love the light you get here in September especially by the sea. I first came to live in this area in September & it was one of the things that really struck me .

(An aside- I ‘ve just done an epic adding on of drawings to my other blog if anyone is interested- I think I need to do it less sporadically in future as it becomes too time consuming & boring!)

Me encanta la luz que se encuentra aqui en setiembre, sobre todo cerca del mar. El mes de setiembre era cuando vino a vivir aqui (primero en Donosti) y la luz era una de las cosas que mas me afectaba.

J’adore la lumière de septembre ici, notamment celle qui se trouve près de la mer. Comme je suis arrivée dans ce région au mois de septembre elle a été une des choses qui m’a frappé.


8 thoughts on “Low tide 2

  1. Thanks Leslie. It’s funny, for a moment I was thinking “what pillar?” because I was thinking more of a lamp post! In French it’s simply referred to as a “rocher” or rock so I end up calling it that. I guess the other word in English is “Stack”.

  2. I’d like to walk into this one, explore the little pools of water and the late summer sunshine – beautiful.

    And the lines and movement are just lovely.

    • Thank-you Sarah. The weather is very variable here, especially this year. It’s possible it could still be like this in October too- though it certainly isn’t today, it’s been really wet & windy.

  3. Thank-you Carol. The shore platform here is fascinating – it’s amazing to think of all these layers of rock which have been tilted up & then cut off by erosion.
    I wanted to recreate some of the visual impact of all those contrasting bands of light & dark which have come about from the hard rock & the loss of the softer.

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