A very low tide

September- October 2010, Acrylic on canvas , 50 x 70cm

I think that’s enough of the beach for the time being ! That’s not to say I shan’t be coming  back to it! Perhaps recently I’ve been wanting to prolong summer! September here, is a month when it’s often still pretty warm & feels very much like late summer. There can be some very calm, still moments where the sea is almost like an enormous glassy lake. When there is a spring tide the rocks are even more exposed  than usual, creating more lagoons & rock pools.

Creo que ya he acabado con la playa por el momento, aunque no es decir que no volveré al tema mas adelante. Aqui en septiembre todavia hace bueno. Hay momentos cuando el mar esta liso como un enorme lago de cristal. Cuando hay una marea viva las rocas estan mas descubiertas lo que produce aùn mas lagunas que normal.

Je crois que pour le moment j’ai términé de travailler ce thème mais je compte y revenir  plus tard. En septembre, ici, il fait encore beau comme en été. Il y a des moments où la mer est calme comme un lac. Quand la marée est extrêmement basse les rochers sont plus exposés ce qui crée des lagunes.


13 thoughts on “A very low tide

  1. Well it’s a beautiful striking painting to end the beach scenes with. I love the reflection and the rippling water in the foreground. And of course the lovely inviting sense of space.

  2. You certainly captured that glassy look, Sonya. And that still and quiet sensation in September, here, as the summer sounds end and all begins to quiet as the migrating birds begin to take their leave and the days shorten.

  3. I love that big rock that has been featured in your last few paintings.

    I love the glass-like water in the middle ground and the wonderful ripples in the foreground. What a wonderful sense of perspective.

  4. Beautiful. I’ve just spent a very enjoyable few minutes looking through you blog. I love these beach scenes, and personally I think you saved the best until last (though they are all great). I love the light, the depth, the reflection.

  5. Hi Sonya, Really like the way you’ve done the water in this one. Very realistic, very smooth and soothing. Nice work!

  6. Thank-you. It’s funny how when I was working on this one I got quite absorbed in the abstract qualities of the water. Depending how close or far you stand to it you can make it abstract or realist. What good value is that – 2 paintings for the price of one!
    Seriously though, I know you can apply that to lots of painting – it’s always interesting to be able to get up close & see how different artists fit it all together.

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