Mendaur & the first signs of Autumn

October 2010  – Acrylic on canvas 65 x50cm

The mountain of Mendaur is a well known landmark in the area of the Bidasoa valley & the area around Doneztebe. At the beginning of October the forests are  still pretty green but you start to see a few  subtle changes in places. Much of the bracken has turned reddish,  providing a contrast before the trees too take on a similar colour. You can see tiny purple Autumn crocuses flowering in areas of grassland & if you’re lucky you can find some field mushrooms or parasol mushrooms to take home for dinner. It’s also the time for gathering chesnuts in certain places. There can often be a very warm south wind, which generally brings rain afterwards.

Mendaur y los primeros signos del otoño

Mendaur es muy conocido en el Bidasoa y por los alrededores  de Doneztebe. En los principios de octubre el bosque todavia està verde aunque se ve los primeros cambios subtiles de color. El helecho ya està rojito, lo que contraste con los arboles, antes de que ellos tambien  van a cambiarse en  unos colores algo parecidos.

Se ve pequeños flores de crocus en la hierba y de vez en cuando unos champis. Es el momento para recoger castañas. Muchas veces hay viento del sur que, como todos sabeimos , seguramente va a traer la lluvia.

Mendaur et les premiers signes de l’automne

La Montagne de Mendaur est bien connue dans la région du Bidasoa et autour de Doneztebe (Saint Esteben).

Au début d’octobre la forêt est encore verte mais on commence à remarquer les premières signes de couleurs qui changent. Les fougères ont déjà des tons rouges, ce qui contraste avec les arbres avant qu’ils ne deviennent rouges à leur tour.

On voit des fleurs de crocus et parfois des champignons, qui pousssent dans l’herbe. C’est le moment pour récolter les chataignes. Il y a souvent un vent du sud qui apporte la pluie.


14 thoughts on “Mendaur & the first signs of Autumn

  1. That, imho is a really bold composition very well handled – such a strong fall down and to the right, but my eyes are pulled back in by the movement of the trees – I think applause might be in order! Beautiful colours too. I love his time of year – and you have captured it well.

    there are chestnuts everywhere here!

    • Hello Sarah. You can’t imagine how encouraging your comment was for me – I had several struggles with this painting & towards the end I was beginning to feel a bit depressed with it as it was taking me so long to resolve. I hope I have – at least I think I’m happier with it now, though it takes a while sometimes – I need to to grow away from it a bit!
      I think partly that it was to do with becoming so immersed in it & not taking a step back at certain points.
      This can happen to me sometimes because I know I only have a certain amount of time available & that therefore I must use it then. (In fact when I’m on holiday I’m more likely to say I can work on it tomorrow!)
      So I end up trying to do as much as possible after work & in any other free moments & week-ends. We had planned to go to the mountains again last Saturday but just as we were about to leave it started to rain, so then I had to readjust myself to spending the day painting, which was fine , just not what I’d been planning. And then it rained all day Sunday & continued more or less on Monday & Tuesday, which meant that because these days were a holiday in Spain I felt I must use them to paint so as not to waste them.
      So probably it was a good job I had to go to school on Wednesday (never thought I’d say that!) as it forced me to take a step back.
      Sorry about all that rambling – maybe I needed to get it off my chest! A very long winded way of saying I appreciate your support!

  2. A beautiful scene and autumn setting… Looks like an inspiring place to spend the day. I don’t paint, but I’ve noticed here in New England in the autumn, on bright sunny days the red, orange and yellow leaf colors look muted and washed out somehow. On cloudy days the colors seem to be bright and spectacular. To me, anyway. I like the feel of your painting.

    • Yes it is inspiring – I love that on top of the world feeling of being high up in open spaces. Once you’ve done a lot of walking uphill it’s also very rewarding to be able to walk along a ridge with a bit less effort & look out over everything.

  3. The narrative is a painting. The painting is beyond narrative! You paint so well and yes!… I see how much of an illustrator you really are! The path and the distant hill all require you take that journey into the painting. But I also love the valley and the warm colours in the foreground. Aye, you can tell you spent some time in North Yorkshire ;-). Extreme talent like this is special. You should do more to put your work in the public domain and make make the name for yourself to which you deserve. I love your work and this painting. A measure of your skill is your consistency which I and others alas, do not hold. Splendid post.

    • Well, I’m not quite sure what to say! But that’s hugely kind & complementary of you.
      As for putting my work out in the public , I have had a few exhibitions now & as my husband keeps telling me “it”s not even a year” since my first. It’s not all that easy round here to find places to exhibit & it seems to be a question of only being regarded as any good if you have been exhibiting for years. Many galleries have closed down with the “crisis” as well. I shall just keep on painting & hope that one day there will be more people like you who also happen to be owners of excellent galleries & exhibition spaces!!

  4. Awesome composition. Besides the sloping line, I am drawn to the contrasts of smooth and flowing line and geometric line (the curving road and the rounded foothills against the trangular shape of background mountain). The subtle changes in value lend to a soft welcoming feeling but are enough to provide contrast. Beautiful.

  5. Thank-you Leslie. The mountains here are wonderful for finding inspiring compositions – they jump out all the time! In fact the slope to the right continues a long way down. If you walk from the valley that exists out of the painting to the right you feel like you’re nearly at the top when you get to the reservoir!

  6. Your painting is just awesome, i love the painting with view of the distance horizon, it really pulls one’s attention from the slopes to the distance valley. Amazing composition. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank-you Francis,
    I think this was quite challenging for me, but in hindsight I think I need to have that. I suppose we all do don’t we, in order to convince ourselves we are going somewhere?

  8. After reading the description of your painting and all the wonderful comments I think everyone here has said what I would have said. This painting is really quite stunning. It’s a real beauty.

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