Autumn beech forest

November 2010 – Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70cm

The autumn colours in the beech forest are probably at their best around the beginning of November. Since then I think all the wind & rain there’s been will have removed most of the leaves.

El bosque de haya otoñal

Los  colores del otoño en el bosque de haya son probablemente a su mejor alrededor de los principios de noviembre. Desde luego el viento y la lluvia habria quitado la mayoria de las hojas.

Forêt de hêtres en automne

Les couleurs d’automne dans la forêt de hêtres atteignent leur meilleur vers le début de Novembre. Après cette période, le vent et la pluie enlèvent la plupart des feuilles.


9 thoughts on “Autumn beech forest

  1. Thank-you Carol & Leslie. I particularly enjoyed working on the more abstract trees in the background – it seemed a bit like trying to put together something musical, in the sense that when the colours are working together they seem to start to sing! When they aren’t singing you know something’s not working & you have to make some changes!

  2. Thank-you Sarah, Francis & Chorwin for the comments.
    Painting these trees has sort of helped to transport me somewhere else during what is now nearly a month of virtually continuous rain!

  3. This is so beautiful and filled with the deep contrasts of autumn. You make the very difficult look easy and I know how difficult it can be to assemble such a complex composition without becoming lost in the detail. Very good, very, very special.

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