Autumn beech tree

November 2010 – Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70cm


7 thoughts on “Autumn beech tree

  1. I just love your technique Sonya, they are very unique and amazing to look at. Your fiery orange tree really caught my attention and i feel so wonderfull looking at it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks again Carol & Francis. It’s always impossible to know how the colours are turning out on other people’s screens so I’m a bit worried about this one as it looks a bit gaudy on my screen & the sky looks far more blue whereas in reality it’s a dullish chromatic grey/blue.

  3. There’s something very brilliant about the way you paint which marks you out as special. If I knew how to replicate it I would. Colour, composition… you make it all look so easy! How did you create that autumn orange?…my autumn colours look so muddy!

  4. That’s very flattering of you!

    As for the colour, I’m sure yours don’t really look muddy.

    Given you mostly use watercolour I’d say that the best way to get a luminosity & clarity of colour is by laying down each colour separately & letting each layer dry, rather than physically mixing in a plate which can tend to get more muddy. I painted some Autumn beech trees in watercolour 2 years ago & used that method starting first I think with blue (cobalt?) to get the deeper tones & then layering on top some warmer colours.

    With acrylics I mix them on plates & to get that orange it was basically a mix of cadmium yellow & burnt sienna with the occasional addition of a tiny spot of white.

  5. That’s interesting. I’ve started to paint in much the same way, laying down the deeper tones first and then adding colour. Burnt Sienna isn’t a colour I would have thought to use. I’m guilty of trying to mix colours from the pan. I guess that’s why your paintings always look so clean.

  6. If the paintings “look clean” it can’t be anything to do with not mixing the colours first because I DO mix them in a plate before applying them to the canvas. I only mentioned the watercolor because I got the impression that’s what you are mostly using at the moment? I haven’t used watercolour much for around 2 years now as I seem to have moved to acrylics. That doesn’t mean I won’t again of course.

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