Oak tree in the snow

December 2010 – Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm

In December you can still find many oak trees with their leaves. What fell as  rain on the coast,  fell as snow in the mountains. The snow there has been early this year & the warm colour that some of the trees provide makes a wonderful contrast against the snow- sort of alternative Christmas trees really!

Chêne dans la neige

Au mois de décembre beaucoup de chênes ont encore leurs feuilles. Ce qui était de la pluie sur la côte était de la neige en montagne. La neige est arrivée  tôt cette année et les couleurs chaudes de certains des arbres contrastent avec la neige. Ils sont tout aussi beaux qu’un arbre de noël.

Roble en la nieve

En diciembre muchos robles tienen todavia sus hojas. Lo que estaba la lluvia en la costa, estaba la nieve en el monte. La nieve ha llegado pronto este año y los colores vivos de ciertos arboles contrasten con la nieve. Son casi como arboles de navidad alternativas!


22 thoughts on “Oak tree in the snow

    • Thank-you Sarah. I know a lot of people get sick of the snow & maybe it’s because I can choose to go to it rather than live with the consequences of it in my daily life, but I do find it quite magical.

  1. Our Oaks are always last to loose their leaves. During autumn, the boys and I made a study of every tree on the village green. We gave each one a unique reference number, took a leaf sample, bagged it, photographed it and then ID’d it! We also made a plan for the wall. Not sure who had the most fun!

    I’ve never seen a picture from you I didn’t love and this is no exception. They’re so unique, I show them to my wife who also loves your work. It’s so difficult to be different and brilliant, and that’s what you are!

  2. Still the oaks carry their leaves around here. Your painting is beautiful. I like the green you have included in uppermost branches and trunk. Seems to carry the promise of renewal in the spring!

    • Thanks Leslie. Here the leaves are finally getting pretty scarce, but you can still find a few. Many trees in the mountains have moss or lichen covering their branches which sometimes provides quite a brilliant green.

  3. I like the strong oak positioned right in the center of your painting.

    I don’t think we have any trees with leaves on them anymore. But we do have tons of snow.

    I love how you painted the snow. So peaceful. I can hear the stillness in this painting.

  4. Hi Sonya,
    I haven’t dropped by for quite a time and am, as always, very happy to see your great paintings. I’m always impressed with the variety of your compositions and the powerful feeling that you impart to each of the works.
    It’s such a joy to see such good painting,

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