The calm before the super port

January 2011,  Acrylic on canvas 92cm x 72.5cm (36,8 ” x 29″)

In 2004 Monte Jaizkibel was declared by the European Union as a Site of Community Interest under the Natura 2000 Network. So it may surprise many of you to learn that this view from Jaizkibel looks down directly onto where a massive super port is planned to be built. Even if you can’t read  French, the first photo here will give you the idea!  This association is opposed to the project.

This video  is even more illuminating & the music with it trying to make it seem like some sort of a utopian dream, is enough to make you want to cry!

You can read here the sort of arguments being put forward in favour of the project. (This is a translation, from Spanish into English ). 

I don’t want to be pessimistic but I’m sure that as usual the money argument is bound to win out especially as the local & national governments seem to be behind it too.

One day perhaps some people will realise what they have contributed to destroying. But probably not, because all that counts is business & money. 

Hills must be removed in the name of progress & improvement. This has already happened in the area which is supposed to be an ecological coridor linking Jaizkibel to the mountain of Peñas de Haya. The area is now filled with warehouses in readiness for  tunnels through Jaizkibel linking the motorway to the port.

If you would like to OPPOSE THIS, please SIGN the petition (even though it’s very likely already too late, I prefer to try not to give up hope ):  I can’t find an English version, but it’s pretty easy to fill in : “Correo” means your e-mail, “nombre”=first name, “apellidos “= surnames.

And I almost forgot… my next exhibition will be in La Casa Zuloaga in Hondarribia (at the foot of Jaizkibel) from January 31st to February 13th.

And finally….Happy New Year everyone!

La calma que precede al super puerto

(El titulo tambien se refiere a una phrase corriente en ingles que es”The calm before the storm” – “La calma que precede a la tormenta”.

El Monte Jaizkibel era declarado como Lugar de Importancia Comunitaria de la Red Natura 2000 por la Unión Europea en 2004.

Entonces,  entre algunos de vosotros, igual resultara sorprendente descubrir que aqui esta planeado un gran puerto exterior o super puerto. Aqui se ve una foto para dar un idea del proyecto. Esta asociacion esta en contra.

Aun mas alucinante es este video, que con la musica como si seria algun sueño utopico, en realidad te hace querer llorar!

Se puede PARTICIPAR en una peticion (aunque probablemente no servira para nada, yo prefiero no abandonar hasta el final.) 

Mi proxima exposicion sera en La Casa Zuloaga, Calle Mayor, Hondarribia desde el 31 de enero hasta el 13 de febrero.

Feliz año a todos. Urte berri on.

Le calme avant le super port

(Le titre fait reférance à l’expression anglaise “The calm before the storm” “Le calme avant la tempête”)

En 2004 le mont Jaizkibel a été déclaré une site d’importance du réseau Natura 2000 . Alors peut-être que cela suprendra certains d’entre vous qu’un énorme  super port exterieur sera construit ici.

Plus d’information ici

Voici une video encore plus outrageuse. La musique accompagnante pour faire penser à un rêve utopique, en réalité est plus pour faire pleurer!

Cliquez pour PARTICIPER à la pétition .

Ma prochaine exposition aura lieu à La Casa Zuloaga, Calle Mayor à Fontarribie du 31 janvier au 13 février.

Bonne année à tous.


14 thoughts on “The calm before the super port

  1. I do like the starkness of the tree against the swirling greens and the calm sea. It’s very effective.

    The shortsightedness of politicians and big business and the single minded pursuit of profit at any cost makes me despair sometimes (often). And economists make me scream – they don’t seem to grasp that growth (economic) cannot continue indefinitely. I used to know someone, a feminist (so I expected more ;-)) who trained as an economist though didn’t work as one, and she was also unable to think except in terms of making money. We used to have endless debates with me arguing that people in developing countries would be better off growing food for themselves, and her arguing for cash crops. I think they get brainwashed.

    I did try to sign the petition – I’m not sure if I succeeded or not though!

  2. Thank-you for your support Sarah -there are so many things in the world that leave you feeling powerless & it can get pretty depressing, so it’s always good to feel that there ARE at least SOME people who think that making pots of money is not the only goal in life. If we destroy the world to the point that it’s no longer fit for human life it’s not money we’re going to be caring about by then anyway.

  3. Yes, you’re absolutely right- money rules the world and always will. But evil prevails when good people do nothing, so I’ve signed up. Once again I love this painting. Your unique style is always a joy. The shadows in the grass really appeal to me, as do the colours and composition. I’m guessing this is dusk, it has that feel. Lovely work Sonya.

  4. This is dreadful!
    I have signed the petition.
    I hope you can put a halt on this.
    It is unfortunate that developments like this are conceived by ‘engineers’ who lack the empathy and aesthetics to preserve what is beautiful.
    The world desperately needs artists.
    This painting of yours is a beautiful, poignant reminder that all this is under our stewardship.
    As I write TATA, the Indian company is destroying swathes of bush in Northern Mocambique, uprooting ancient baobab trees to create irrigated fields of maize for bio-fuels. Of course all the game and birds are long gone, having been eaten by the starving population.
    Thank you for your caring

  5. Thank-you very much Stephen. Unfortunately though I can’t see this as not going ahead. I suppose people see their own possibilities of improving their lives at the expense of everything & everyone else, which is understandable if you are desperate & seems to be typically human even if you are not. (That’s not to say that other animals don’t fight over ressources as well – it’s just that as humans we should be more able to see the consequences of this ultimately on human survival).

    As your example shows, this of course is happening everywhere to a greater or lesser extent. A few people gain a lot temporarily while the rest are working just to survive & what choice do they really have.

    • Yes I agree – so many people are just surviving. And it takes just one act of greed to destroy years of care and conservation.
      Paintings like these can help us fight a sense of futility and just maybe could help one person change their point of view just enough to preserve some of the wild.

  6. Does anyone ever compare your paintings to serigraphs? I’ve done a bit of screenprinting over the years and I’m often asked if some of the drawings I do are prints.

    I mean this as a compliment. I enjoy the clarity of your landscapes very much. They remind me, just a little bit, of the work of the Markgrafs (

    Good luck with the struggle against the port. I’ll take a look at the petition.

  7. Yes, I have had a few similar responses. I agree that this particular painting falls more into that sort of category than some others might. I guess the specific subject partly influences my treatment. Art is a bit of a constant dialogue & it would be impossible to name all our influences, especially as we can’t even be aware of them all.

    I have done a bit of screen printing a long time ago, but I don’t have access to those facilities where I am now. I would quite like to give it a go again if I had the opportunity. I can happily say I enjoy the actual process of painting for its own sake; It’s a continual exploration so I don’t feel deprived!

    Thank-you for the link – I don’t know their work & it’s always interesting to discover someone new. It looks quite Japanese inspired, but I guess that’s not so surprising given the influence Japanese art has had, particularly on modernism & right into the present day.

  8. Totally agreed with human destroy their own world and all for the sake of money. I guess nothing much to say about that, may be it’s part of human nature. Not in sync with mother nature. Another amanzing painting. Really like all your works.

  9. Thank-you – Yes, I guess we humans have always destroyed things to a certain extent but when there were fewer of us I suppose the impact was generally less than it’s become these days.

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