The beech tree in winter

February 2011 Acrylic on canvas 50 x 60cm (19.68 x 23.62 inches)

Finally my latest painting!

I mostly paint in  the time I’m not teaching & so having an exhibition on top of still going to work & trying to paint has meant less painting this month! Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining , in fact I am very happy with how the exhibition has gone. This is my third painting in what seems to be becoming a series based on this particular tree which I find special! I like revisiting certain places at different times of the year – there is always something beautiful to be found in every season. Winter can be surprisingly colourful – when you look at a hillside of trees you can become quite lost in all the different colours the bare branches provide & the play of light bringing them to life.

La haya en invierno

!Por fin mi ultimo cuadro! La mayoria del tiempo cuando no estoy enseñando estoy pintando, entonces con la exposicion tambien resulta que he tenido menos tiempo para pintar en este mes. Pero no me quejo, estoy muy contenta con como ha salido  la exposicion. Este cuadro es el tecero en lo que parece serà una serie basado en un arbol que para mi es muy especial. Me gusta volver a ciertos sitios en todas las estaciones del año –  la belleza, siempre distinta, se encuentra en cada estacion. El invierno nos puede sorprender con sus colores – cuando uno mira a un ladero de arboles se pierde en contemplar tantos colores subtiles pero distintos, que nos ofrecen las ramas desnudas y a quienes  la luz da vida.

Le hêtre en hiver

Enfin, voici mon dernier tableau!

En genéral, je peins quand je n’enseigne pas, mais j’ai eu moins de temps ce mois ci avec mon exposition. Ceci est mon troisième tableau dans une serie basée sur un arbre qui m’est très special. J’aime toujours revenir sur les mêmes lieux à diffférents moments de l’année – Chaque saison à sa beauté particulière. L’hiver peut nous surprendre avec ses couleurs – quand on observe la forêt, on peut se perdre dans la contemplation de tant de couleurs subtiles et variées, comme celles que nous présentent les rames nues et qui sont animées par la lumière.


12 thoughts on “The beech tree in winter

  1. Beautifully wintry, almost ghostly in fact, I like it very much indeed. So pleased your exhibition has gone well – you really deserve success and appreciation for your work, Sonya.

  2. The winter tree is just stunning. I like the contrast of the treee againt the darker bakdrop, its like the tree is capturing the sunlight.

  3. Congratulations on your show. I meant to comment. I went to the site and your beautiful paintings brightened up those dark walls. It seemed magical in there.

    This painting seems magical as well. The beech tree is stately and the tips of the trees in the background seem to be whispering in the wind.

  4. Thank-you Carol. I’m glad it seems magical because that’s the feeling I wanted to try to express. When I first painted it (in May 2009) I was almost tempted to call it “The magic beech tree” (like Samuel palmer’s “Magic apple tree”!! -not that I’m saying there is anything in common!)

  5. I looked at this post last week while I was quickly on the way out. I meant to leave a comment because I believe every painting you show us to be some extraordinary, and this is no exception. I can see the bones of winter in the trees. This painting describes the winter in my head. Its a wonderful technique, I love the clever use of colour, minimal but really well thought out. Not that I know the first thing about colour, I’m just a humble admirer! I’m going to try and use a shadow like the one in your painting.

    • Thank-you very much – although I really do think you shouldn’t keep putting yourself down so much.

      It’s basically turning into spring here – lots of trees are just starting to open their buds. So no more winter painting for now. I had a break from painting this week-end & spent all the time gardening, which gets pretty neglected these days. I don’t have enough time to do painting AND gardening most of the time.

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