Painting of a work of art

March 2011 – Acrylic on canvas – 65 x 54cm


6 thoughts on “Painting of a work of art

  1. Is this a painting of something man created with natural materials and then nature took over again, Sonya? Oh the patience it took for you to paint this. I am very intrigued with how the darks work in and out and through this. The shadows on the hills zoom me right to this.

  2. Thank-you Leslie. I don’t think nature has particularly taken over, at least not any more than in any other structure- it’s a cairn that marks a peak. I like how people add to them so that in a sense they are a sort of communal work of art that interacts with the natural elements – stone, mosses , lichens etc. They also provide a good home for lots of little creatures such as lizards.

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