Peñas de Itxusi

April 2011 Acrylic on canvas – 50 x 70cm


14 thoughts on “Peñas de Itxusi

  1. That tree right below the one on the cliff looks so alive! Almost like it is trying to reach up and bracethe one on the cliff. I really like the composition in this as though the flowers are standing guard over all that is taking place. Beautiful, Sonya.

  2. Thank- you Leslie.
    I’ve tried to conjour up the atmosphere of a wonderful place where there are in fact lots of cliffs dropping down to a great gorge & you can look down to see griffon vultures swooping onto the rock face. With binoculars you can even see the babies in the nests.
    Spring is very advanced this year as it has been so warm. The flowers, which are white asphodels, don’t usually look their best until May in the mountains.

  3. This is really nice – I like the perspective of the cliff and how it’s balanced up by the tree branches against the sky.

  4. Lovely painting. I really like the sentinel flowers and the trees reaching for the sky. The rock is solid and reminds me of a lion head overlooking it’s land.

  5. Beautiful juxtaposition of light and shade, almost a trade mark of yours. Incredible composition, so much going on yet so simple too! You’ve also captured a sense of scale (which I find difficult). There’s a simplicity in your work that I find complicated to articulate. You know what you do, and you do it ever so well.

  6. Wow, i really like this painting you did. Trees hanging over the clif with wild flowers overlooking it. Very green and calm, i can feel the breez now. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank-you very much Jane- many people have said to me that they find green difficult to work with. I wonder why this should be?

    Not eveyone likes green it would seem – today when I was giving a class at school I said something along the lines of ” Aren’t we lucky to have such a beautiful view out of the window” & a kid said she didn’t like it because it was all trees & she doesn’t like the colour green!

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