Spring woods

April 2011  Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm

Perhaps I should call it “Early summer woods” – the weather has been so warm in recent weeks that all the vegetation is very advanced. I love this time of the year, when if you get an opportunity, you can walk through all the fresh green undergrowth & hear the sound of birdsong all around you maybe with a cuckoo calling in the distance.

The flower in the foreground is something  quite typically found beside paths or roads in the mountains in the Basque Country. It’s called “Spreading bellflower” or “Campanula patula”. It’s apparantly quite rare in the U.K. but doesn’t seem to be here.

While I’m writing something, I ‘d also like to say that I’m very pleased to have had a painting selected for the exhibition “Salon des indépendents” Villa Duconténia, Saint Jean de Luz. It was a bit difficult deciding which one to put in , though it was made a bit easier by the fact that the minimum width had to be 60cm & many of my verticals are 50cm wide so obviously would not be able to be presented. The exhibition is from 30th April to 15th May &  a total of around 60 paintings (by 60 artists) were selected from works presented by 155 different artists of the region.

Bois printaniers

Peut-être j’aurais du l’appeler “Bois d’été” – il a fait si chaud pendant les dernières semaines que toute la végetation est très en avance de la saison.

J’adore cette période de l’année quand on peut se prommener dans les bois en profitant des chansons des oiseaux et peut-être l’appel éloigné du coucou.

La fleur qui se voit ici est assez typique dans les montagnes du Pays Basque à côté des chemins forestiers. Elle s’appelle Campanula patula.

Je voudrais ajouter ici que je suis très contente que le tableau que j’ai présenté a été sélectioné pour etre exposé dans le Salon des Indépendants , Villa Duconténia, Saint Jean de Luz.

Il y a autour de 60 oeuvres, une par artiste, qui ont été sélectionés parmi 155 artistes de la région. On pourra les voir du 30 avril au 15 mai.

El Bosque de primavera

Quizas deberia haber puesto “Bosque de verano” como titulo! Con el calor de las ultimas semanas toda la vegetacion parece muy adelantado para la estacion.

Me encanta esta estacion del año cuando uno tiene la oportunidad de dar un paseo en el bosque con todas sus hojas frescitas y verdes. Los pajaros cantan en multitudes y de vez en cuando se oye el cucu.

La flor que se ve aqui se llama Campanula patula. Se encuentra bastante facilmente al lado de los caminos forestales en el Pais Vasco.

Queria añadir aqui de que estoy muy contenta que el cuadro que he presentado ha sido seleccionado para el “Salon des Indépendants” Villa Duconténia, San Juan de Luz.

Hay alrededor de 60 obras que han sido seleccionado dentro de unas 155 artistas de la region. Se puede verles desde el 30 de abril hasta el 15 de mayo.


10 thoughts on “Spring woods

    • Thank-you Leslie. You amaze me with how promptly you respond with your comments- you’re really very supportive (& you must be telepathic too!)

      I find it hard to keep up with everything AND I’ve just had a holiday -I don’t know how you do it!

  1. Congratulations on the exhibition Sonya, and on the lovely new work I hadn’t seen. This one is so fresh and alive! I can feel the sense of spring and promise.

    • Nice to see you again Sarah – hope your move is going well.
      I think the “promise” of spring has been pretty much realised (I’m thinking “do we say that in English”?) It was 30°C here 2 weeks ago for a few days – which doesn’t always happen even in summer! Today I can see cherries rippening, heeps of roses & mock orange blossom in flower & the countryside looks more like it usually does in June.

  2. Beautiful work as always Sonya. I always feel that when I look at your work that they are totally modern and yet have a connection to the great British landscape traditions of the early 20th Century. Your works always have a very specific and identifiable perspective which I personally love. The distinctive atmosphere combined with the compositional perspective speak to me, and reading the comments….many others too!

  3. Thank-you Clive – I very much appreciate what you say especially given all your knowledge on early 20th Century works.
    I think that landscape in its more natural state is just as valid a subject for contemporary art as is the urban landscape – we’d all be dead without it after all!

    What I mean is, I think environment is a big concern for all of us & so it deserves a modern treatment whenever possible, partly as an attempt to draw attention to what might not otherwise be particularly regarded as having much interest or value.

  4. SPRING WOODS is lovely. I caught myself thinking about Rousseau’s jungles. I think it was the dark trunks on the left and the range of greens. Congratulations on the exhibition.

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