Looking towards Zumaia

May-June 2011,  Acrylic on canvas, 81 x 60cm


2 thoughts on “Looking towards Zumaia

  1. What a beatiful feeling of peace and space – and lots of compositional subtleties too. And haw do you manage to be so prolific?! Painting seems to take me forever.

  2. Thank-you Sarah. I thought I ‘d got less prolific recently. If I have been prolific until now though, I think it’s partly that when I got back into painting a few years ago, I felt like I really had to work at it a lot to push myself past a certain barrier which I’d have otherwise been stuck at.

    Perhaps it’s partly that I have a timetable set for me by teaching, which means that any time such as a free afternoon, a large part of the week-end, or even an odd hour or two after school is used for painting, because it’s then or never!

    I have to be quite disciplined, which in a way I think goes against my nature, but otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done. On the other hand, I did feel at the end of last term (which was 13 weeks – we don’t get half term breaks) that I was exhausted & burnt out & perhaps I need to do a few other things aside from painting.

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