Exposition à Guéthary août 2011/ Exhibition at Guéthary August 2011/ Exposicion en Guethary agosto 2011

Here’s my poster for the exhibition I’ll be having in August  thanks to the friends of the museum of Guéthary. Guéthary is a village  situated on the south west coast of France, between Saint Jean de Luz & Bayonne /Biarrittz. The venue is nice but quite small, so I’m not sure how much I’ll manage to fit in – definately not my latest painting at any rate, but I’m very happy to have been invited to be there.

Voici l’affiche pour  mon exposition – merci aux amis du musée de Guéthary.

Aqui esta mi poster para mi exposicion – gracias a los amigos del museo de Guethary. (!No confusas con Guetaria! – este pueblo esta mas cerca de San Juan de Luz  que de Zarautz!)


10 thoughts on “Exposition à Guéthary août 2011/ Exhibition at Guéthary August 2011/ Exposicion en Guethary agosto 2011

    • I’ll see what I can do – at the moment I’ve not seen any actually in print as although I did the design, it’s the Association des Amis du Musée de Guéthary who have taken charge of the printing & putting them up. (Which is very nice for me, as in most other exhibitions I’ve done all that side myself).

  1. Hi Sonya,
    Congratulations on your exhibition. Isn’t it nice to have an organization treat you like an art star?!
    It’s a beautiful image on this poster. When I see your paintings, I can tell that you have been painting for a long time and your heart is in it. I love it that you have such a personal style. I mostly don’t like landscape and still life because they are so ho-hum but yours sing because you understand the aspects in them that aren’t the landscape – the major art elements.
    In this one in particular, I love the way your greens recede just because of the colours you have chosen. They run a gamut not only of hue but of tone as well. Delicious!

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