Fragmentation (2)

July 2011 – Acrylic on canvas- 89 x 116cm ( 35 x 45.7 inches)

I’ve spent the last week saying that this is nearly finished & ended up doing at least 6 hours of work every day on it! So if I’m  posting  it here it  must be finished – though I can hardly quite believe it! I was really excited to start painting this – it’s the largest painting I’ve done so far. I’ve loved working on a larger scale & so I hope to be doing some more larger work in the future. But for now  I think I need to take a bit of a break!

J’ai passé toute la semaine à dire que j’aurais bientôt terminé, mais finalement je travaillais dessus au moins 6 heures à la journée! Enfin, je crois que j’ai fini même si je n’arrive pas à le croire! J’avais vraiment envie de commencer ce tableau – jusqu’ici c’est le plus grand que j’aie fait. J’ai vraiment aimé travailler sur un plus grand format et j’espère en avoir plus souvent l’opportunité. Mais pour l’instant je crois qu’il me faut des vacances!

!He pasado toda la semana diciendome de que casi habia terminado este cuadro, pero al final quedaba trabajando por lo menos 6 horas diariamente en ello! Por fin creo que lo he terminado, aunque casi no lo creo! Tenia muchas ganas de empezar este cuadro – hasta ahora es lo mas grande que nunca he pintado. Me ha gustado un monton trabajar en un tamaño mas grande y espero tener la oportunidad mas frequentemente. Pero por el momento creo que necesito descansar un poco.


7 thoughts on “Fragmentation (2)

  1. My god Sonya you are a wonder. Yes I would so love to see the larger “Fragmentation” painting. I’ve been keeping up this year with your work but not for the last little while. I love the way you have captured stone. It’s one of the things I notice when I’m walking-the lovely colours and shapes and shadows, all present in your pictures.

  2. Thank-you Maureen – you’re always so encouraging.
    It’s a pity you can’t get the scale properly here – perhaps I should take a photo of it along with something else sometime.

  3. Two amazing paintings Sonya! This must look stunning ‘in the flesh’ but I’m not surprised you need a break. I love that strong curve – it really adds drama to the cliffs and greys and ochres against each other always please my eyes. Lovely work!

  4. sonya, it’s really a fantastic painting. Very beautiful, for the same reasons I was mentioning in your exhibition poster blog. Your command of colour is awesome, and your composition just draws one into the picture and keeps you there.

  5. Hi Sonya. I love the touches of green in the distant shoreline, the headland and the dune and the way you have captured the layers in the stone. When is a painting finished? I revisit my poems for years. I also paint in acrylic and I have developed a bit of a pattern. I keep a painting on the easel and stare at it. When there seems to be no more to add/change, I sign it. The next day, it is inevitable that I will make a few improvements!! Glad you found my site since I now found yours! Jane

  6. Thank-you for all your comments – I’m going to add your blog to my list so I can revisit you sometimes. I do the same thing with paintings too – & although I mostly try to make sure I’ve definitely finished before posting them here, it does sometimes happen that I see some other little readjustment afterwards!

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