Summer storm at Baie de Loya

August – September 2011   Acrylic on canvas 60 x 80cm (23.6 x31.5 inches)

This is my last painting ready for the one day exhibition at Nekatoenea as part of la Fête de la Corniche. This event will take place on Sunday 25th September & I’ll be their from 10a.m. until 6.00p.m. More info here

Orage d’été sur la Baie de Loya

Voici mon tout dernier tableau pour l’exposition d’une seule journée à Nekatoenea pendant la Fête de la Corniche. Cet événement aura lieu le dimanche 25 septembre . Je serai là de 10h00 jusqu’à 18h00. Pour plus d’information:

Tormenta de verano sobre la Baia de Loia

Aqui està mi ultimo cuadro para la exposicion de solo un dia en Nekatoenea durante la Fête de la Corniche el domingo 25 de setiembre. Estaré alli desde las 10 hasta las 18 . Para mas informacion :


12 thoughts on “Summer storm at Baie de Loya

  1. You have painted a fantastic picture. The sky – so full of power, movement & half glimpsed images in the clouds, truly chaotic. Is this piece for sale?

    Many Thanks


  2. What a tremendous sky! So much energy and foreboding in those clouds – amazing work. I hope your one day show went well- I wish I could have been there.

  3. You are the master of design and shapes, Sonya! I love this for the contrast in line and the heavy feeling of a storm coming in that it implies. Excellent, excellent composition!

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