Bordeaux rooftops

October 2011 Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm

I don’t seem to have had as much time for painting as I’d like recently. Anyway, I think this has to finally be finished – I’ve run out of larger canvases at the moment & I think I might have felt a bit less restricted if  I’d been working on a larger format for this. I’d like to continue with a similar theme for a change, although I’ll probably get distracted by the autumn colours of trees!

Les toits de Bordeaux
Je n’ai pas eu autant de temps pour peindre que j’aurais aimé. Enfin je crois que j’ai terminé – Je n’ai plus de grandes toiles en ce moment. Je crois que je me serais senti moins restrainte sur un plus grand format. J’aimerais continuer sur ce thème pour changer, même si je serais probablement distraite par les couleurs d’automne!

Tejados de Burdeos
No he tenido mucho tiempo para pintar recientemente, pero creo que por fin he terminado este. De momento no tengo ningunos lienzos grandes y me he sentido mas limitado con este formato mas pequeño.!Queria seguir con este tema aunque es muy probable que me distraiga por los colores del otoño!


10 thoughts on “Bordeaux rooftops

  1. Hi Sonya. Your work is wonderful. I like the diversity in the buildings, and yet sameness is expressed in the sharing of style and geometric embellishment. I like the shadows as well. It is a small detail, but I like the way one roof joins the other at the diagonal. Jane

  2. Thank-you very much Jane – I wanted to give a sense of rhythmn with the simplified flattened shapes of the rooves & shadows. As that was what provides the structure, I was trying to be careful to include detail only in certain other parts & hopefully not overdo that aspect by applying it everywhere. The details would have been less time consuming & at times frustrating, if I’d been working on a larger canvas I think.

  3. I’ve only seen your expansive ocean and landscape pieces. For me, this is so different for you—somehow confining. It captures a city feel. Same attention to shapes as others though.

  4. Interesting that you find it confining – because I can only take so much of cities before I start to feel that way myself & want to escape! Having said that, for a city I really like Bordeaux.
    I’ve always liked the patterns you see when looking down onto interlocking rooves & that’s mostly what interested me in painting this.
    I’ve started working on another one & it will have some sky in it, so maybe that’ll have a slightly more free feel.

  5. Hi Sonya – I must admit I find it a little confining too – but then I also feel much the same about cities as you do. I do like the rhythmic composition though and the colours and pattern of shapes. Will you be doing more city scapes I wonder?

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