Late Autumn forest

December 2011 – Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm


18 thoughts on “Late Autumn forest

  1. Hi Sonya. This has the feel of a kaleidescope and makes me feel there is a secret place beneath the hill. I like the contrast of the white and the lovely color in the tops of the birch trees. Jane

  2. Thank-you Jane – I always love looking out across hillsides of forest & yes that suggestion of secret places.

    This is actually based on beech forest rather than birch, though I can see how they could just as easily be taken as birch. Do you have a lot of birch in your area? Here in the Basque Country you tend to find oak forest at lower altitudes & closer to the coast & beech grows more inland & at the higher altitudes.

    Although this probably seems to most people quite different from the Bordeaux paintings, for me there is a pictorial link with them.

  3. I love the abstract shapes in this painting and the white trees in the foreground. Sorry, I wouldn’t know a beech from a birch. But I’m sure they are both beautiful trees.

  4. Hi. Yes, we have lots of birch. Our beech tend to be in certain areas of hardwood forest. The beech hold on to their leaves through the winter, so are easy to spot. It shows that when we observe a painting, we see it through our own experience, and it speaks to us in those terms. It is a statement about the universality of art. Jane

    • That’s really interesting- here the beech seem to be some of the first to lose their leaves.

      I totally agree with you about how our experience affects how we read paintings (& at a more general level I guess it affects how we interprete just about anything.)

  5. What a coincidence that you’ve been more or less in this area. Les Landes certainly has a lot of forest though i confess it’s not my favourite as it’s so flat & there are large areas of planted pines – at least that’s the impression from passing through in a car. I think there are certain parts where it’s more mixed woodland though which perhaps is where you visited. Merci d’avoir visité mon blog!

  6. Thank-you – I guess that one of the differences between art or real life is to do with the individual’s response to life & what they choose to emphasise or draw out from it Life itself is amazing!

    1966 is quite a while back! I think you might notice a few changes if you ever come back this way again!

    • You make a good point about choosing what to emphasize in art and what to draw out.

      As for Hendaye, I’m afraid I never got beyond the train station, so all the rest of the town would be new to me.

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