Winter forest

Jan – Feb 2012,  Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm

Forêt hivernale

El bosque en invierno


12 thoughts on “Winter forest

  1. Thank-you – & now nothing to do with painting but words – I was just thinking the other day how it’s very English to refer to “woods” (as opposed to “forest”) & now you just have! I was thinking it must be partly because there aren’t really any large areas of trees left in England that we’d actually call forest. I’m sure I always used to talk about “woods” too.

    Or maybe someone else has some other theory?

    Apparently “forest ” in the middle ages meant more to do with it being the king’s land than specifically the fact of there being trees – so I suppose the meaning’s changed because in the end those were the only places left with lots of trees when the rest of the land was cultivated. I’m not sure how that works with other languages though.

    Hope you don’t mind that long rambling reply!

  2. Hi Sonya. Waves of trees. To me, they are a forest. It is not dictionary-correct, but I think of ‘woods’ as hardwood, and of being ‘in’ the woods; forest feels more like I am outside looking in. I like how the blues and other colors conspire to create white! jane

  3. That’s interesting & again it makes me think how important our personal experience is in how we interprete art & in fact everything really.

    As for the colours – I wanted it to be really wintry feeling as it has been so cold recently ( though perhaps not by your standards! – there’s my personal interpretation!)

    I think what I love about colour is how when you put down one colour next to another & it just feels right & you feel like it’s all starting to come alive. The worst thing is when you know it’s wrong but can’t work out why!

    Colour forever surprises, which is one reason why it keeps being interesting.

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