Along the coast

May- June 2012 – Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70cm

A lo largo de la costa

Le long de la côte


6 thoughts on “Along the coast

  1. Hi. I always think the various juttings of land create a series of horizons, leading ever more deeply into the landscape… here they draw you into the painting. I also like the contrast between the distant ‘dunes’ and the near ‘rugged rocks’. The loops of road and the house provide a human element. Jane

  2. The coast in this area is really beautiful – & as you say, it’s quite rugged. It’s surprising in fact how close it is to population – in fact the distant coast represents the contrasting flat area where “Les Landes” begin after Biarrittz, Anglet, Bayonne.
    I’m always interested in the forms of the landscape, & I find it interesting how sometimes the clouds seem to echo the land they are above – at least for me.

  3. I love the interplay of perspectives – the details near and far, drawing me in – and of sea, land and sky. The clouds really do echo the sweep of the land, and give you that sense of everything woven together… Beautiful!

  4. Really enjoy the way your paintings declutter the view – kind of getting to the heart of the shapes and structures so you see beyond the scenery, great for me as I see this type of landscape out walking so often. Gets me looking in new ways.

  5. Thank-you – there’s always a balance of which areas to simplify & which to bring out in more detail- I think a lot of the treatment depends on the type of landscape I’m responding to. Sometimes the coast here makes me think of Cornwall, though when you look inland it ‘s mostly higher.

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