Natural heritage or waiting for the neighbours?

August 2012 Acrylic on canvas 90 x 125cm

 The recent Preliminary Draft Law reviewed  in July of la Ley de Costas/ Spanish Coastal Law, makes me wonder how this law will be applied from now on. The law was originally brought in by the Spanish government  in 1988 supposedly to help preserve the coasts from the rapidly growing  urban developement in certain zones. Now the general idea of the reform seems to be that property owners & developers will be given more rights than they had when  the 1988 law first came into effect.

?El patrimonio natural o esperando a los vecinos? (agosto 2012 – acrilico en lienzo 90 x 125cm)

El estudio del Anteproyecto de la Ley de Costas por el Consejo de Ministros en el  mes de julio me hace preguntar como se aplicarà la ley desde ahora. La ley se inicio en 1988 supuestamente para preservar las costas contra la ya rapidemente creciendo urbanizacion de ciertas zonas. Con la nueva reforma parece que los proprietarios y los promotores tendràn mas derechos que los que tenian con la ley de 1988.

Le patrimoine naturel ou en attendant les voisins? (août  2012 – acrylique sur toile 90 x 125cm)

La révision, au mois de juillet, de la Loi des Côtes Espagnoles, m’amène à me demander comment la loi sera appliquée désormais. La loi a été lancée en 1988 par le gouvernement espagnol, soi-disant pour protéger les côtes contre une  urbanisation déjà en croissance rapide en  certaines zones.  La réforme donne aux propriétaires et aux promoteurs immobiliers plus de droits qu’ils n’avaient avec la loi de 1988.


2 thoughts on “Natural heritage or waiting for the neighbours?

  1. Hi Sonya. Before I retried, I worked on the New Brunswick Coastal Areas Protection Policy. It is very controversial here and hard for governments to balance the need to protect the coast with the pressure to develop. Coastal areas are very valuable for developers and it is hard to convince them to stay back from the coastline. We have lots of problems with coastal flooding, so safety is an issue as well. A view like your painting shows, with natural vegetation and a few houses set well back from the edge is rare here. We do have some rugged coastline like this, mostly along the southern shore where the federal and provincial governments have protected some of the coast as part of the Fundy Parkway, and the Fundy National Park. Your painting shows what it should be like. Jane

  2. Hi Jane
    It’s also very controversial here too & from what I’ve been reading many people are very happy that this law is going to be amended; It seems that in fact it wasn’t always applied in the most sensitive or even always legal way. Unfortunately as well, there are many people who would be very happy to privatize the coast & don’t seem to think or care about the consequences.

    The painting, as well as showing what as you say it “should be like” does I hope, show what it actually still IS like in some small parts & it’d be sad if Spain just sells its remaining natural areas & uses the economic crisis as a reason or excuse to convince people that that’s inevitable & even desirable. Once it’s been lost to concrete it’s lost, & the irony is that many people who may have wanted their holiday homes on the coast precisely because of its beauty, will be less attracted anyway, so I hope they might start thinking about that the next time they complain they aren’t allowed to build somewhere!.

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