Exposition – la Puce des Arts

Catalogue des Artistes de la Puce des Arts

I’m pleased to have been selected to  participate in the above exhibition. Poster – Copyright of Marie Tambourindeguy

Je suis contente d’avoir été selectioné pour l’expo ci-dessus. L’Affiche est propriété de Marie Tambourindeguy

Estoy contenta que me han seleccionado participar en este exposicion. Poster -Propiedad  de Marie Tambourindeguy

(Mendi Zolan se encuentra en Sokuburu, Hendaye Plage. Hay que entrar en la plaza de Sokuburu y si estas mirando hasta el mar, se entra a la derecha por los arcos y seguir las flechas).


8 thoughts on “Exposition – la Puce des Arts

  1. Guess you’ve been busy preparing for the exhibition that opens today.

    Wish You the very best and keenly looking forward to see some more of your awesome creations soon : )

  2. Congratulations, Sonya! A well deserved recognition of your wonderful work….
    All the best for the exhibition – hope it’s been a time full of rewarding moments for you…


    • Thank-you Melanie

      Last week-end was a good experience – especially nice to meet lots of other artists. Though when it got to Monday morning & back to teaching at school it dawned on me that nearly all the other artists seemed to be just about full-time (you have to be professional to be able to participate so I suppose that’s why).
      I feel like I’ve got not much time lately for painting & it certainly isn’t that I’ve been spending it blogging – I’m sure last year I got more done & I don’t really think my timetable is so different so i’m not sure why this is!

      • I’m really pleased it was such a good experience, Sonya. It can be quite a jolt of altered focus to move from a solitary pursuit and be amongst other people with similar experiences and aims, and realise the differences and what matches up… I’ve found that too. Even from the experience of reading other people’s blogs…

        Time can be such a slippery thing. I just don’t know where it goes! It seems to play all sorts of tricks on me too! I suppose the important thing is to guard your creative time for painting as much as possible. I think sometimes we need other people to remind us to give what we love doing the space it needs. Otherwise it’s so easy to let it slip down below the list of all the never-ending daily tasks… Your talent definitely deserves high priority. It can be such a struggle though – too many demands on our energy too often.

    • Hi Tahir

      Thanks for the award it’s kind of you – I had a look at it on your blog (your work’s going really well I thought) & I’d have to say you’ve come up with some good ideas for questions for that type of thing. So I hope you won’t be offended, but I have to say what I always say about awards. Which is that I don’t participate in them because it becomes too time consuming & I guess in the end we all have to decide what our priorities are. What a stroppy person I can be! Sorry, but thanks anyway for thinking of me.

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