La Corniche

September- October 2012   Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm


4 thoughts on “La Corniche

  1. Thank-you – although I’m not sure I entirely agree about “illustrative ” being a “look” . There are lots of approaches to illustration which look nothing whatsover like this. Lots of art work of course could be used as an illustration despite not initially being intended to be.

    • Ah, that didn’t come out as I intended. What I meant to say was that the way you incorporate the illustrative element into your artwork is quite unique and interesting.

      By illustrative I mean to refer to the common style used in Comic books, magazines and on the web to make illustrations. Pardon me if I’m using wrong terms, never been to an art-school, though always willing to be educated =).

      I have seen a few other artists doing something similar but you have a very distinctive way of doing it. Love your water and your attention to detail.

  2. That’s quite alright – I often feel like what I say doesn’t come out as I intended!
    And then there’s always the question of how we all interprete everything differently too.

    In fact I think a lot of people have a tendancy to think that a style that is a bit like comic book is illustrative (which is why I wanted to say the above because you wouldn’t be the first person); I suppose it comes about from the fact of the flat areas of colour which lend themselves to printing – people have often told me my paintings make them think of bande dessinée (comic books) which are a really big thing in France.

    But really anything can be illustration if that’s what you decide to use it for – in fact I had this conversation with some other artists at the exhibition I was participating in & they were of the same opinion as me.

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