A few small collages

Here are a few examples from a series of collages I’ve been experimenting with based on various motifs from my paintings. It makes a change to be able to end up in an afternoon with several finished pieces, contrary to what I usually do these days,  which involves working on the same painting over a couple of weeks. Years ago  I mostly prefered to start & finish a piece the same day. Since those days  perhaps I’ve learnt to be a little  more self disciplined & more persistant (okay , not always & not with everything!) Of course there isn’t a right or wrong approach – just diffrerent I suppose.

Quelques petits collages

Voici quelques exemples d’une serie de collages que j’ai fait qui se sont inspirées  des motifs de mes tableaux. Cela fait du bien de finir plusieurs petits oeuvres dans un après midi au lieu de ce que je fais d’habitude, notamment de travailler quelques semaines sur le même tableau. Il y a longtemps je préférais commencer et terminer un ouevre dans la même journée. Depuis ces jours-là j’ai peut-être appris à m’appliquer un peu plus d’auto discipline (okay, pas toujours !). Enfin il n’y a pas qu’une seule approche.


10 thoughts on “A few small collages

  1. That’s fascinating – I can see the birds too now you’ve said it. And if I remember rightly – you have some birds in some of your collages. I shall have to take another look & see if they turn into flowers!

  2. I love these, Sonya… I saw flower-birds in the first one too! The trees are beautiful – the elegance of line in the branches of the second collage, suggests to me a sense of reaching and yearning – and of movement – which makes it a really powerful image…


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